13 Absurd Things Men Do In Public That Women Would Never Get Away With

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So. Much. Manspreading.

Women may be considered "the fairer sex," but there is nothing fair about large and small ways gender inequality manifests for women.

A recent surge in hashtag-feminism has us calling out gender bias everywhere we see it–and really, it's not hard to spot.

For starters, take these 13 commonplace, everyday male behaviors that women would never get away with:

1. Constantly Adjusting Genitalia


Men are constantly itching, adjusting, and fondling themselves–and somehow, it's normal. There's no way a woman could do this in public without being shamed for it.

2. Manspreading


Many men have no problem taking up enough room for two or three other people on subways, airplanes, park benches, couches...you name it. If we women routinely spread our legs and took up more than our fair share of space, you better believe we'd be hearing about it.

3. Mansplaining


A good portion of men have taken to "mansplaining"–that is, explaining straightforward things to a woman in a patronizing or condescending tone. Imagine the pushback women would get for "womansplaining" sports to a dude?

4. Burping


Men just let it go. Women would be considered ill-mannered slobs for doing the same.

5. Farting


Lots of men enjoy the "comedy factor" of farting in public. The majority of women still refuse to admit they're even capable of farting.

6. Announcing What Went Down in the Bathroom


"Do not go in there!" Hysterical when a man says it, vulgar when a woman does.

7. Peeing on Walls and Trees


Don't ask how or why this became an acceptable thing for men to do. It just is.

8. Catcalling


Want to grab the attention of the opposite sex? Just try yelling things at them on the street! If they don't respond to phrases like, "Hey hot stuff!" or "Nice ass," feel free to move onto obscenities. #Sarcasm.

9. Unabashedly Staring at Women They Find Attractive


When they find a lady they like the look of, men tend to stare. Stare back, though, and you'll get labeled as "crazy."

10. Slapping Other Guys' Butts


This is basic stuff for men in sports. If women went around slapping each others' asses, though, we'd cause quite the scene.

11. Grinding on Strangers at Clubs


It's standard for men to come up behind women they don't know at bars and clubs and start grinding away. Women would be (and are) slut-shamed for this type of forwardness.

12. Flaunting Stubble


Men can afford to skip a few days of shaving–their stubble is considered sexy. Women who rock armpit/leg/bikini line stubble, though, are basically social pariahs.

13. Not Wearing Shirts


Men can roam the streets topless. Women can go to jail for roaming the streets topless. Three words: Free. The. Nipple.

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