Overcome Alcoholism and Mental Illness With Author, Shannan Mondor

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Meet the author of "How In The Hell Did I Get Here", Shannan Mondor!

How in the Hell Did I Get Here?, author Shannan Mondor has asked herself. ⁠

Author, Shannan Mondor is an abuse survivor who shares her story about how she beat her addiction to alcohol by breaking the genetic blueprint in her family. Shannan shares her raw and vulnerable story with the world to inspire others. She truly believes her life mission is to help others conquer their addictions. ⁠ ⁠ Tune in live tomorrow at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST to hear Shannan’s inspiring story and what she has come to learn over time. She will be sharing her lessons with our viewers so they can have a better relationship with themselves.⁠

About Shannan Mondor

Shannan Mondor is an abuse survivor who was raised in rural Southeast Saskatchewan. Born into the family of an abusive father, their small town looked down upon their family name. At the early age of 3, her abusive father died but she continued to suffer abuse from her oldest brother, Walter. As the years passed, she found herself numbing her pain with alcohol.

Ever since her early 20s, Shannan has been reading self-help books. She was inspired by motivational speakers such as Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, and others. Today, Shannan shares how she broke the genetic blueprint of addiction in her family to help others conquer theirs. Her inspiring path to success shows the world that anything is possible when you are filled with a strong spirit, determination, and ready to heal from within.

In 2019, she met and sought spiritual guidance from a coach, mentor, teacher, and friend, Psychic Deborah Graham. Deborah helped her heal her blockages and relieve her fears. She raised Shannan’s vibrations by unlocking her intuitive and psychic abilities. Shannan’s personal journey and wisdom gained over the years, have led her to get a certification for professional life coaching in 2020.

About How in the Hell Did I Get Here?: Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint

A riveting and raw story of how one woman overcame alcoholism and mental illness and broke free from the genetic blueprint of addiction that demonized her family for generations.

She sets you in a front-row seat as she shares her life story and experiences, which show the strength, determination, and courage of how she no longer wanted to continue with this way of life, and how she would do whatever it took to protect her children from being exposed to a life of addiction that is so normalized and influenced within society.

She teaches them about addiction and the consequences of speaking her truth. She fights past fear, loneliness, and judgment to end her inner pain that has haunted her for years, and finds inner peace.

Along her path, she realizes how life is a spiritual journey and there is a lesson to be learned with every experience, personal encounter, and relationship. Most importantly, the lesson is how you have a relationship with yourself, that you have the power to change everything, and it all comes from within.

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