When Does Empire Season 4 Come Back From Winter Break? | 2018 Return


The season finale of season 4 of Empire airs on December 13 on Fox. When will Fox start showing new episodes of Empire, and where can you watch it online in the meantime?


When Does Empire Season 4 Come Back From Winter Break? | 2018 Return

It has certainly been an exciting season of Empire, but the final new episode of Empire season 4 will come to an end on December 13. Throughout Empire season 4, we have been following the professional and personal lives of Lucious (Terrence Howard), Cookie (Taraji P. Henson), and everyone else at Empire Entertainment. Empire season 4 is ending on Fox this week, and in the meantime, you can still watch clips from Empire season 4 and even entire episodes online. But, fans everywhere are asking: when does Empire season 4 come back from winter break? When will Empire return in 2018?


When Does Empire Come Back?

Sadly, Fox has yet to announce a date for the new season of Empire. But, we're hoping that information is released soon, especially with the mid-season finale airing this week! Don't fret and stay tuned with us! We will let you know when Empire returns to Fox as soon as we can!

However, we expect Empire season 4 to return sometime mid-March, seeing as that is when previous seasons returned to Fox.

Update: Empire will be returning to Fox on March 28, 2018 with episode 10. Want to catch up on Empire season 4 before the show comes back and a place to watch Empire season 4 without cable when it returns? Keep reading!


Where To Watch Empire Season 4 Episodes On TV

The last new episode of Empire season 4 will air on Fox on Wednesday, December 13 at 8|7c. Fox has not yet revealed a date for when it will start showing season 5 episodes. The good news is that the Fox network will repeat the episodes of Empire season 4 in the show's usual Wednesday evening time slot, beginning on the following Wednesday, December 20. This way, the Lyons family and their music empire can still be a part of your Wednesday night. Check your local TV listings for exactly which time the rerun episodes will be on TV since times vary regionally even on the same network.

It is not yet clear whether the Fox network will rerun all the episodes of Empire season 4 before season 5 is ready to air. You will have to keep checking your local listings to see which episode Fox will show on which week. The episode of Empire season 4 that will show on Wednesday, December 20 is Empire season 4, episode 2, the episode where Nurse Claudia (Demi Moore) tries to discover the secrets about Lucious' past.

If you want to watch Empire season 4 without cable, then you can do so through Hulu Live TV! Just check Hulu to see if they provide Fox, and you'll be set! You'll also get access to all of Hulu's shows. That means that after the episode airs live, you can watch reruns of season 4 on Hulu.


Where To Watch Empire Season 4 Episodes Online

In the age of on-demand TV streaming, who wants to wait a whole week in between episodes of Empire season 4? While you are waiting for the new season to start, or even while you are just waiting for the reruns, you can watch your favorite episodes of Empire season 4 online. The logical place to start looking for episodes of Empire season 4 online is on the Empire page on the Fox website. Fox adds new episodes of Empire season 4 to its website for on-demand streaming every Wednesday night, just hours after the new episodes air. After the last new episode of Empire season 4 airs on Fox on December 13, the complete season of Empire season 4 will be available on the Fox website. You can watch full episodes of the show anytime you want until the new season starts.

While it is sad to see Empire season 4 come to an end, the fact that the season is wrapping up increases the likelihood that you will be able to see Empire season 4 on Netflix in the near future. Netflix only adds entire seasons of shows to its offerings, and it only adds them after the series finale has finished showing on TV. If Netflix is your favorite way to binge watch TV shows, you may soon get to see Empire season 4 on your favorite TV-viewing platform.

As mentioned before, Empire is also available on Hulu. That means that you can watch the episode a few hours after it airs on Fox. You can also purchase Empire season 4 on Amazon and iTunes in order to watch the season wherever and whenever you want!

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