The Best Fitspo Instagram Captions

Get inspired to work out with motivating @fitspo images and captions on Instagram. Let social media help you get a head start on your fitness goals for the new year.

The Best Fitspo Captions On Instagram For Getting In Shape

So you've been browsing Fitspo captions on Instagram. Maybe 2017 was the year of the couch potato for you, but there is no time like the present to get in shape. It can be intimidating to step into a gym full of people who seem to have unlimited time to work out, so, naturally, you turn to Instagram for inspiration. After all, it has entire hashtags, such as #fitspo, designed to help people get motivated to exercise. Of course, just looking at those pictures of professional athletes and fitness models can be more intimidating than inspiring. Don't let it get to you, though. Instead of comparing yourself to the baddest chick in the gym, try motivating yourself to get in shape with some inspiring Fitspo captions on Instagram. Here are our favorite picks for Fitspo Instagram captions!

Find Motivation With Fitspo Captions On Instagram

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. It isn't really a glamorous idea, but neither are most people's fitness goals. You don't have to beat your personal record for running speed or number of pounds bench-pressed every time you go to the gym. You just have to make yourself keep going. The feeling of satisfaction you get from sticking to a good habit is enough to keep some people going. The Fitspo captions on Instagram reflect this, even if social media is throwing images in your face of impossibly fit models. Great job working out yesterday and the day before. If you do it tomorrow, even better. You can even brag with your own Fitspo captions on Instagram.

Fitspo Captions On Instagram Can Inspire Mid-Workout Daydreaming

In the beginning, working out is painful. The you get to that peaceful plateau, sometimes called a runner's high, where your mind takes you to pleasant places far from the physical stress your body is enduring. Sometimes, in the middle of a workout, you find solutions to problems that had been stressing you out, but other times, you just notice cool coincidences. Healthy self = heal thyself. Get it?

Continuously Revising Your Fitness Goals With Fitspo Captions On Instagram

In your professional life, you know that setting lots of small goals is more effective than setting just a few big goals. The same applies to fitness. Set fitness goals each week. For example, decide to spend 30 minutes on the elliptical five times this week or to jog two miles each day. During a workout, your goals can be even smaller, such as, "I will finish this lap on the treadmill running, and then I will take a break to walk."

Seeing The Big Picture With Fitspo Captions On Instagram

You're not getting fit just to show off. You're doing it to have a better life. Improving your physical health through lifestyle changes can make your other goals, including ones related to finances and family, seem more manageable.

Improving Your Mood With Fitspo Captions On Instagram

It can be hard to make yourself go to the gym when the couch is so comfortable, but once you do, you will feel great. Working out reduces stress and helps you sleep when it is time to sleep and concentrate on work when it is time to concentrate. It can make you feel better about your body image before you even look in the mirror or step on the scale.

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