Quiz: These 16 Deep Question Will Reveal Your Wiccan Element


Truthfully answer these 16 deep questions to find out which Wiccan element you share the most with. Water, Fire, Air, or Earth?

Which Wiccan element do you embody the most? Answer these 16 deep questions to find out if Water, Fire, Air, or Earth is your guide.

 Oct 19, 2017
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Merry meet! Have you ever wondered which of the classic Wiccan elements is your governing power?

The five elements are invoked in many magical rituals, most often while creating a magic circle to cast spells or for protection. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water (brought together by the fifth point on a pentagram, the Spirit) are as helpful as they can be dangerous. For instance, rain allows us to grow crops, but a flood can destroy entire cities. It is important to understand and respect their power.

People are not one element over another, but rather a balance of them all. Some people are guided by certain elements over others. Through 16 questions it is possible to find your Wiccan element that you share the most qualities with.

Things like your zodiac sign may play into your governing element, but it is more of a personification of who you are. Are you passionate like Fire? Are you emotional and intuitive like Water? Are you intellectual like Air? Or are you nurturing and practical like Earth? You may find that you are many of these things at the same time.

These answers may change throughout your life, you will always be growing and finding yourself more attuned with one element over the other.

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