Quiz: You'll Only Ace This Test If You Have Japanese Roots

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How much do you ACTUALLY know about your native culture?

Calling all Japanese residences! If you have Japanese roots or live in the beautiful country, take this quiz and test your smarts!

 Apr 19, 2017
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What is the capital of Japan?
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Which tree are you most likely to find in Japan?
Cherry Blossom Tree
Fir Tree
Palm Tree
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How many people over 100 years old does Japan have?
around 500
around 10,000
around 50,000
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What is an extremely important custom in Japan?
Physical affection
Having a lot of free time
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What is the currency in Japan called?
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When entering someones home you must ALWAYS...
Bow three times
Knock with your palm
Take off your shoes
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What does "Arigatō" mean?
My name is
Thank you
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What kind of cute, fuzzy cafes exist in Japan?
bunny cafes
cafes with furniture covered exclusively in faux fur
cat cafes
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What is the tallest mountain in Japan?
Mount Haku
Mount Kita
Mount Fuji
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T/F: Slurping one's noodles is a sign of appreciation.
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