Sara Ramirez Plans To 'Jump Back In!' Will Callie Torres Return To Grey's?

See what Sara Ramirez has to say about her return to the acting world!

It has certainly been an exciting year for Grey's Anatomy alumni! First, Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) officially announced that she will be making her return to television in the new BBC America series Killing Eve. Then, Kim Raver (Teddy Altman) announced that she was returning to Grey's Anatomy Season 14. And then, Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) revealed that there was a "great chance" that Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) would come back to Grey's Anatomy. And now, we hear that Sara Ramirez herself has been talking about jumping back into her acting career and teasing her potential return to Grey's Anatomy! Is this really happening?!

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Ramirez was an honoree at an LGBT Heritage Month celebration event at Los Angeles City Hall. She also made quite a few inspiring statements in her speech.

"With our current political climate it's hard to maintain hope these days," Ramirez said. "But sharing space in a way that celebrates my community and all its intersections gives me hope. I'm proud to be a Mexican-Irish-American, immigrant, queer, and bisexual woman. The LGBTQ+ community has never been about just one person, and one experience and identity. Our struggles are shared and our resilience unrelenting."

You go, girl!

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At the event, Ramirez spoke with LA This Week about how interesting her career will play out:
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When she jumps back in?? That definitely means that she intends to return to her acting career! But, will she return to Grey's Anatomy?

Well, when Ramirez announced that she would be leaving Grey's Anatomy after Season 12, she mentioned that she was "taking some welcome time off."

However, she and showrunner Shonda Rhimes would "definitely continue" their conversations. In the same interview, Ramirez also teased that she would "look forward to always being a part of the Shondaland family!"

Very interesting!

Shonda also spoke out about Calzona's fate when Ramirez made her exit in Season 12.

"My heart is as broken as yours about Calzona, and I'm not even kidding about this," she said. "I had always planned the storyline that ended with them getting back together and maybe that could still happen in the future, I don't know. My fingers are crossed but for right now, Sara is taking a break, and I'm pretty proud of her for deciding to do so. So we'll see what happens in the future."

It definitely looks like Ramirez would come back to her Grey's Anatomy family!

But, unfortunately, a few things has us worried she won't. A lot has happened in the past year or so. Four months after her departure, Ramirez mentioned that it was "the best choice" she ever made.

More recently, Ramirez put ABC on blast for making a demeaning joke about bisexuals. So, who knows?

But even so, as long as Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) is still onboard to make new Grey's Anatomy episodes and Callie Torres is still alive in New York, there will always be hope that Callie will return to Grey Sloan Memorial!

Here's hoping it works out!!

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