How To Do Best Nine On Instagram | 2017

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Users have started to post their #2017bestnine collages on Instagram, but what is Instagram Best 9 and how do you make one? Here's how to do best nine on Instagram for 2017!

How To Do Best Nine On Instagram | 2017

As we are highly anticipating the holiday season with gifts and lots of drinks, we're winding down to think back on the events that happened in 2017. And nothing says Happy New Year quite like a culmination of your best Instagram photos from the year. If you've been stalking the Instagram follow hashtags this December, you'll notice a lot of people with the hashtag #2017bestnine. But what is #2017bestnine and how do you make it? Stay tuned because we've got all you need to know how to do best nine on Instagram.

What Is Best Nine?

If you were wondering what best nine is, you're not alone. Instagram users have been celebrating the end of the year by posting a collage of their year. But, how do you do #2017bestnine correctly? Sure, you could sift through your Instagram feed and find your top nine photos on Insta. Or you can use a tool that does it for you. will automatically generate your 9 most-liked posts from 2017.

How To Do Best Nine On Instagram?

Wondering how to use the best nine feature? Here's how!

  1. Make sure your Instagram profile is public

  2. Go to or download the app from your iPhone

  3. Type in your Instagram handle

  4. Viola! Your top nine photos from 2017 will generate

Happy posting, Insta lovers!

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