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Here are your Gemini yearly 2018 horoscopes and yes, this is one year to watch!

Yearly Gemini 2018 Horoscope

Ready for the new year, Gemini? We're not so sure we are! 2017 was a year of change, whether we liked it or not. But, now that we're gearing up for the start of a new year, we're happy to announce that your 2018 yearly horoscope is here, Gemini babes! Hopefully, that will calm some of your nerves regarding the new year!

Dying to get your hands on your Gemini 2018 yearly horoscope? Whether it's love, career, or your overall overview of your year, we've got you! Are the stars in your favor for 2018? Let's see, shall we?

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And without further adieu, here's your yearly Gemini 2018 horoscope!

Yearly Gemini Horoscope 2018

May 21 – June 20

Welcome to bustling, beautiful 2018, Gemini! You'll have the chance to connect with more people and engage in more new situations as never before.

It's also a year for you to start many new projects and begin exploring new avenues in life. On the day before the sun enters Gemini, Venus enters charming, popular Cancer. Mars has just entered big-thinking, clear-headed Aquarius, and Uranus has just entered methodical, materialistic Taurus. Expect 2018 to bring you improvements and some changes of direction in your social life and career. You could step into a new world.

All three Mercury retrogrades this year occur in fire signs. Life should barely slow down at all. Promote yourself a bit less in the spring, and refine your presentation. Take fewer risks in the summer, and have more fun. In late autumn, ponder some recent big lessons and apply them more wisely.

Just after Venus turns direct in November, your planet Mercury conjoins generous Jupiter. Your love life need not slow down or lose focus. What a sizzling year!

Yearly Gemini Love Horoscope 2018

If you're in a relationship:

The first half of 2018 may be complicated, but you probably like all that social and emotional involvement anyway. On New Year's Day, the moon leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. Be more sensitive to others, and sort out how to deal with them before they even say a word.

If work relationships get touchy in January or February, you have each other for comfort and consultation. Dealing with career issues may have drawn you together before. No worries here.

Late February and March are dreamy times when you can share plans and wishes for the future. In May, a short vacation or playful weekend getaway is likely. You both may be in the mood for more socializing in June.

Value one another more than ever in October and November. Venus is retrograde now. Minor annoyances may seem major, but you'll find ways to get beyond it all. December is full of rock-solid love!

Yearly Gemini Love Horoscope 2018

If you're single:

Mix and meet a zillion love prospects in 2018! Visit out of the way places in January and meet some high-octane flirters.

In April and May, get back to nature and discover a practical, appreciative admirer who shares your values.

In July, the Jupiter retrograde ends and a greater desire to be among people returns. In late August, the Mars retrograde concludes and passions return greater than before. Don't get too carried away too quickly.

The Venus retrograde of October and November could dampen enthusiasm for romance, but more likely it will simply hit the pause button on a relationship that deserves reevaluation. It won't shut down love, and more discriminating thought in a relationship is rarely a bad thing. If thinking of making a formal commitment, maybe wait until the second half of November.

In December, if you haven't met someone yet, you could score big and connect with someone more than willing to make sacrifices just to be with you.

Gemini Yearly Career Horoscope 2018

Work and career matters may be on your mind throughout 2018. This isn't out of worry or insecurity. Rather, you may have countless great ideas and be networking with many more professional people.

A career position or financial standing could change in January or early February. Perhaps you've been developing just such a move and now here it is. Regardless, you have the energy and self-motivation for a big push forward. Be smart and don't be shy.

May and June are also times of great opportunity. Perhaps start your own business or get your commercial website up and running.

Once the Jupiter retrograde ends in early July, you may have more and bigger plans. Saturn is still retrograde, which can discourage overspending or financial overcommitments. Saturn goes direct in early September, and you'll be wiser if not more fiscally cautious.

A small apparent setback in December could be exactly the modest sacrifice needed to propel you into a sustainably profitable coming year!

Happy New Year! We hope it treats you well!

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