Every Reason Why We're Afraid Of The Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Premiere

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Are you ready for Season 14?

Every Reason Why We're Afraid Of The Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Premiere

Let's be honest. We're scared before EVERY season of Grey's Anatomy! But, Grey's Anatomy Season 14 is another case, considering all the unanswered questions we have leftover from the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale! So, here is every reason why we are scared for Grey's Anatomy Season 14 so far!

Jo Wilson's Husband


OMG. If "True Colors" gave us any idea of what Dr. Paul Stadler could do, we are horrified to see what he does in Season 14. IF he shows up again, that is. Let's hope he doesn't, unless it means Jo Wilson can finally go free!

What Will Happen To Owen Hunt When Megan Arrives?


Ever since Owen learned about Megan's arrival, he has been displaying signs of his PTSD. We're afraid of what this means for him in Season 14 and for Amelia.

And What Will Happen To Meredith And Riggs?


We were all pretty happy when Meredith told Riggs about Megan because this showed how much she has grown since Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. But, what does this mean for Meredith? We want her to be happy and there's still a tiny part of us that thinks she might go dark and twisty again.

Maggie And Jackson Might Hook Up

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Were sparks flying when Maggie and Jackson interacted in the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale? We didn't think so, but April certainly did. We're afraid this means that Jaggie will happen. And to be completely honest, all three of these characters deserve better than to be stuck in a silly love triangle, especially when all signs point towards a Japril endgame.

We Don't Know Who Will Die Next


While we're pretty sure Edwards is in the clear, we are still terrified to find out who goes next. Will is be Alex? Will it be Meredith? Will it be the last season of Grey's Anatomy? We certainly hope not!

Are you excited for Season 14? Or scared??

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