Quiz: Can You Ace This 16 Question "Erin Brockovich" Challenge?


"I am an advocate for awareness, the truth, and a person's right to know."

Questions about the movie about the famous legal clerk and environmental activist, Erin Brockovich, looking at both her history and great deeds.

 Aug 18, 2017
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Who played Erin in the 2000 feature film about her life?
Meryl Streep
Meg Ryan
Julia Roberts
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The film begins in 1993, when Erin, a single mother of three, is:
A CEO of a huge company
Studying for school
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Why is Erin suing a doctor?
Because she got injured in a traffic accident with the doctor
Because the doctor performed surgery incorrectly on her
Because the police found evidence that the doctor kidnapped a kid
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Erin's lawyer, Ed Masry, expects to win the case, but they lose because of Erin's _____ during cross-examination.
Explosive courtroom behavior
Children crying
Phone ringing
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How did Erin get her job back at the law office?
Her former boss took pity on her
She did landscaping work for her boss
She won a grant
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When Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) want to buy Donna Jensen's home, Erin finds evidence that the _____ in Hinkley, CA is seriously contaminated with carcinogenic chromium.
Ground water
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Later, Erin discovers that lots of Hinkley residents have tumors and other medical problems and see the PG&E:
8 of 15Pick your answer!
The residents of Hinkley all believed that the chromium PG&E used was:
9 of 15Pick your answer!
Ed ______ Erin after she spends time with the residents of Hinkley and shares what she learned with Ed.
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Most Hinkley residents believed that the cluster of cancer cases was just a _____, unrelated to the "safe" chromium.
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How does Erin prove that PG&E corporate headquarters knew about the unsafe chromium?
She contacts the police for evidence
Charles Embry, a former PG&E employee, gives her important memos
She realizes she doesn't have the necessary documents
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The memo that Charles Embry gave Erin proved that PG&E headquarters knew about the contaminated water, did nothing about it, and:
Decided to throw a party
Fired Erin
Advised the Hinkley operation to keep this secret
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The judge orders PG&E to pay a settlement amount of $333 ______ to be distributed among the plaintiffs.
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At the end of the movie, Ed hands Erin her:
Recipe for spaghetti
J.D. Degree
Bonus payment of $2 million
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The real Erin Brockovich has a cameo appearance as a ______ named Julia.
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