13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To UNC-Chapel Hill


Are you a true Tar Heel?

We all know that Carolina girls are the best...and this list just further proves that UNC is the best school in the country. After all, it's pretty hard to beat rushing Franklin Street, devouring late night food, and singing karaoke at He's Not Here. Go Tar Heels!

1. There Is No Better Frozen Yogurt Than The Yogurt Pump


If you're a true fan, you know that The Yogurt Pump is affectionately known as YoPo. You'd also know that they serve some of the best dang frozen yogurt in town and you can get a free scoop if you save ten receipts!

2. You've Pulled A Few All-Nighters At Davis Library


If you went to UNC, you know that you have to balance work with play. If you mastered this skill, there were a few times when you could've been found drooling all over your scrambled notes and textbooks at Davis.

3. You Know Basketball Is More Than Just A Sport


This doesn't even require an explanation. Watching UNC basketball is part of your identity and you'd be lost without it.

4. If It's Over 70 Degrees Outside, You Have A He's Not Cup In Your Hand


You know He's Not is the place to be on nice days and game days. Who would turn down a giant blue cup of beer and the high possibility of seeing an incredibly adorable dog?

5. You Love The P2P


Your college experience wouldn't be complete without riding the P2P a few times late at night. There's no telling what crazy thing you'll witness and sometimes it really felt like you were riding the Knight Bus after a few drinks.

6. You Drank Out Of The Old Well On The First Day Of Class


You know the tradition--if you drink out of the Old Well on the first day of class, you'll get a 4.0 GPA that semester. Needless to say, you did anything to get a drink of that water, even if you had to wait in line at 11 PM. Anything for the GPA yo.

7. You've Tripped On More Than A Few Bricks


You know the feeling--you're walking to class and suddenly you've stumbled over a loose brick and you're trying to regain balance. Next thing you know, everyone's eyes are on you. Evil bricks.

8. You've Watched Students Streak Through The Library During Exam Week


Yep, now you remember. You were furiously studying for your exams when dozens of naked college students came running and screaming down the stairs of Davis. Who knows, maybe you even wanted to join in.

9. You Hate Duke With Every Ounce Of Your Being


Their mascot is a devil for a reason....

10. You Always Wished You Had A Scooter


The athletes always got to ride around campus on their scooters and it most definitely made you a little jealous.

11. Your Class Was Cancelled Because Of One Inch Of Snow


Ahh the South...they need to relearn the distinction between an inch of snow and a blizzard. Chances are if it snowed even a few flurries during school, classes were cancelled.

12. You Mentally Prepare For Halloween All Year Long


Halloween on Franklin Street is an indescribable experience. The costumes are ridiculous and the whole day is a never-ending party. It took you the rest of the year to recover and prepare for the next Halloween.

13. You Never Wanted To Graduate


College was the best time of your life and you dreaded graduating from UNC. Good thing there are plenty of things that'll draw you back to Chapel Hill--basketball games, He's Not with your old roommates...you get the point.

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