You'll Need The Luck Of The Irish To Pass This St. Patrick's Day Quiz

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Ace this quiz with the luck of the Irish!

Whether you call it St. Patrick's or St. Paddy's Day, see if you have the luck of the Irish on your side by acing this holiday quiz!

 Mar 12, 2021

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If you're going to celebrate in a true Irish fashion, which stout will you order at the bar?

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You might see many decorations colored ___ during the holiday, even though the official color used to be blue.

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Throughout the holiday, which creature from Irish folklore might you spot?

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It's not a traditional St. Patrick's Day meal unless it's ___.
Corned beef and cabbage
Red beans and rice
Steak and potatoes

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Do you know which country actually started the tradition of a St. Patrick's Day parade?
United States

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What does it mean to have the "gift of the gab"?
To be clumsy
Ability to talk anyone into anything
Ability to hold your liquor

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It is customary to ___ someone who isn't wearing green during the holiday.

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There are tons of myths surrounding Saint Patrick primarily involving which animal?

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What is one of the most popular phrases seen during this Irish celebration?
"How's the mornin' to ya'?"
"Kiss me, I'm Irish."
"What's the craic?"

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St. Patrick's Day is always celebrated in the month of ___.

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Which city is known for their elaborate St. Patrick's Day celebration, including dying a river green?

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If you live in Ireland, you might actually call the holiday ___.
Green Day
St. Paddy's Day
National Clover Day

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What might you find waiting for you at the end of a rainbow?
Pot of gold
The edge of the world
Four-leaf clover

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If you find a ___ on St. Patrick's Day, it's a sign that you have extremely good luck!
Four-leaf clover
Pot of gold

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True or False: Shamrock does NOT symbolize Spring, Summer, and Fall.

16 of 18True or False:

Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was actually born in Britain.

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What is the folklore about wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?
It gives you better alcohol tolerance.
It's easier for fairies to spot you.
The color makes you invisible to leprechauns.

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Which instrument is popular amongst Irish folk?
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Is green your favorite color 365 days of the year? Is your go-to drink at a bar a pint of Guinness? Are you Irish in blood or spirit? See if you've got the luck of the Irish on your side! Take this quiz to see just how much you know about the Irish holiday! Do you call it St. Patrick's or St. Paddy's day? Or is it St. Patty's Day? Do you know where the holiday's parades originated or which foods are typically consumed on the day? Do you remember what lies at the end of a rainbow? You don't have to be Irish to ace this quiz, but you certainly have to bleed orange, green, and white to get them right!

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