19 Quotes About Mental Health That Will Change How You See The World

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Don't let your disorder define who you are!

Do you ever feel like sometimes something takes over your mood even when you’re having a good day? Ever have horrifying thoughts you can’t control, except perhaps in the context of doing a strange ritual that would never make sense to anybody but you? Or maybe you have days where you feel so good you almost feel only, only to be so depressed for no reason the next week that you can hardly bring yourself to get out of bed?

If not, consider yourself lucky, because as strange as some of these descriptions may seem to someone who hasn’t dealt with them personally, they are the struggles a huge amount of Americans face every single day.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, 43.8 million Americans, which is about 18.5% of the population, struggle with mental illness in a given year. To put it into perspective, that’s roughly 1 in every 5 adults in the United States.

If you know someone who may be struggling with a mental health disorder ranging from depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or any other mental health issue, chances are that it may be such a struggle for them, they aren’t even quite sure how to explain it themselves.

Below you’ll find a collection of quotes that may help you see the world through their eyes as well as information on where you can find help if you think you may be dealing with a mental disorder yourself.

"This disease comes with a package: shame. When any other part of your body gets sick, you get sympathy.”

"It's so common, it could be anyone. The trouble is, nobody wants to talk about it. And that makes everything worse."

"I never believed in mental illness until it happened to me."

"I'm not my diagnosis. I have good days and bad days, but I'm not contagious. I'm just human."

"Your illness does not define you. Your strength and courage does."

"A diagnosis is burden enough without being burdened by secrecy and shame."

"The problem with the stigma around mental health is really about the stories that we tell ourselves as a society". - Matthew Quick

"When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words." - Thelma Davis

"You keep a lot to yourself because it's difficult to find people who understand."

"You are not your illness. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is the battle."

"We're not crazy or insane. We are just people living with a condition."

"If mental illness could be seen on a sufferer maybe society wouldn't say "just get over it."

"When we deny the story, it define us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending."

"People with mental illness are far more likely to be victims of crimes than to commit them."

"Don't let your struggle become your identity."

"I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't even understand it yourself."

"Not all wound are so visible. Walk gently in the lives of others."

"Sometimes I don't know what is worse, living in a state of panic or living with other people's attitudes about it."

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that others do not know anything about.” - Jonathan Harnisch

Perhaps it is, or at least should be surprising, that considering how many people deal with mental illness on a day to day basis, it can still be such a hard topic for so many people to discuss. Sadly, this can deter many people from reaching out and getting the help they need, as there is more than an abundance of help available for anyone brave enough to admit that they are sick of facing the struggles that come along with mental illness on a day to day basis.

Again, a key component to facing disorders of any sort head-on is remembering that you are far from alone. Each year, around 16 million Americans experience at least one major depressive episode and anxiety disorders such as OCD and PTSD, are the most common mental illness in the country. Shame concerning reaching out for help doubtless plays a role in the fact that over half of the 20.2 million Americans struggling with substance abuse have a co-occuring mental illness. Know that when it comes to taking your life back from a mental illness, this shame has no place surrounding your desire to seek out treatment.

Being diagnosed with a mental disorder is after all, about as much your fault as it would be if you were diagnosed with the flu. Though it’s not something that anybody seeks out, there are plenty of ways to respond to it and refuse to allow it to take over your life.

If you or someone you know has decided to seek out help, the National Alliance for Mental Health website can be a great place to start out. There you’ll find everything from hotlines to information on how to find support groups near you.

Please feel free to share this list and information with anyone you know who may be struggling with mental illness as a reminder that they are far from alone.