13 Hilarious Conversations You've Definitely Had With Your Dog

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You're one dog short of crazy, aren't you?

Ever find yourself having conversations with your dog despite the fact that you know they may or may not speak English?

If you answered yes or lied no, then you've come to the right place to find reassurance that you're far from alone.

Here you'll find a collection of dog conversations that will quite possibly bring a smile of recognition to your face if you've ever had the pleasure of sharing your home with a beloved pooch.

1. When You're Trying To Get Some Work Done


You: Hey, buddy! Mommy needs to get some work done but we'll play as soon as I'm done, k?

Dog: No problem, mom! I'll just wait right here.

2. When You Try To Teach Them the Art of Chewing Restraint


You: Dude, we just covered the chapter on not chewing!

Dog: Indeed. I'm still....digesting it. Hehe, digesting. See what I did there?

3. When They See Another Dog


Dog: Omg it's one of my kind! I must sniff him!

You: Not now, buddy.

Dog: Sniiiiff!

4. The Days They Seem Caught Up In Their Thoughts


You: Good boy! Whose the best boy?! Whose the best guy?!

Dog: ....Maybe it's Frank. No, no, he totally chewed a shoe last week. I guess it could be Bob.....

5. The Butt Scooting Thing


You: What in God's name?!

Dog: Shhh, some things are between a man and the carpet.

6. When They're Selecting a Spot To Poop


You: Any time now dude....

Dog: Better circle it one more time for good measure.

7. When They Can Smell That You've Petted Another Dog


You: I was just trying to be friendly, I swear it meant nothing!

Dog: Leave me. Leave me here to die of betrayal.

8. When You're Trying To Take a Family Picture


You: Look at the camera boy! Look, see? Look at the camera!


9. When You Decide To Add a Cat To the Family


Dog: I must lick it.

You: Buddy, it's a kitten, it may not understand what you're...

Dog: I trust nothing until I've licked it.

10. When You Try To Leave For Work


You: Okay pal, I'll see ya in a little bit!

Dog: I'll just be here cleaning up my shattered heart.

11. When They See a Suspicious Item They Don't Recognize


You: Buddy it's okay, it's just mom's groceries!

Dog: The house is under attack! Run for your lives while I hold them off!

12. When You Walk In On an Awkward Situation


You: Um...dude....

Dog: Shhh. I've learned to pick my battles.

13. When You're Trying To Play Fetch


Dog: Take this so I can refuse to give it to you!

You: Buddy, I can't throw it if you don't....

Dog: Pull like a man.

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