We've Been Taking Baths Wrong, According to Witch Instagram

Ritual witch baths on Instagram from user @cosmicvaleria
via Instagram: @cosmicvaleria

I've never had the desire to bathe more!

Witch Instagram Has Given Me FOMB—Fear of Missing Baths

I spend a lot of time on Instagram.

Definitely more than the average human, but it is part of my job, so I get a pass. Plus, we're not here to talk about my social media addiction—no, no. We're here to talk about witch Instagram and how they've given me a FOMO when it comes to baths. That's right, I now have FOMB—fear of missing baths.

I'm not one who really experiences FOMO all that often. I've felt it a few times when missing out on concerts for bands I adore, but for the most part, it's a very short-lived feeling. What can I say? I'm a Sagittarius, I move on quickly and know better is right around the corner.

For some reason, I couldn't shake the FOMO witch Instagram cast my way with their mystical, magical bathtubs. I saw one photo, then went down a rabbit hole questioning if I had been taking baths wrong this whole time.

Sure, I've thrown in a bath bomb from time to time, but I've never soaked in a tub as gorgeous as the ones displayed on the social media platform.

Look at that bath, really look at it.

Now, tell me you don't want to bathe in that or that you don't have the sneaking suspicion you were today old when you realized you've been taking baths wrong. Exactly.

But wait, there are more!

Being surrounded by crystals while soaking in a tub of petals feels like it'd do a lot more for me than any therapy I've ever experienced.

Better yet, why not put the crystals in the water to bathe with and surround myself with flowers?

I am three seconds away from leaving work right now to go draw a bath like this one. Why? Because it's A) magical and B) I goddamn deserve it.

And this one is so aesthetically pleasing. If my shower looked like that, I would never want to leave. I already take showers that are way too long, but I would literally live in this bathtub.

Though I'm not completely clear on why witch baths are so much better than all the baths I've ever taken (other than the magical element, of course), I guess it's some sort of spiritual ritual.

A normal soak in the tub will clean your body, whereas a dip in a witchy bath will cleanse your soul. How could I say no to that?

How could I say no to this:

If you need me, you know where to find me—soaking the negativity away in a cleansing bath. Or scrolling through witchy bathtubs on Instagram daydreaming about stepping into them one of these days.

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