6 Best Vitamin Subscription Services (2019)

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6 Subscription Services That'll Help You Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamins

It's a well-known fact that Americans aren't getting the vitamins they need to nourish their bodies.

Because we're all so busy, it's difficult to sit down and calculate what we're eating on a daily basis and see what's missing from our diet. We can take supplements to fix that, but figuring out what we actually need takes more time and energy than we have to give.

That's where these vitamin subscription services come in handy.

These six vitamin subscription services make it incredibly easy to get the recommended dosage of nutrients your body is missing out on in their own unique ways. Learn more about them below to find the one for you!

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1. Care/Of

What's Included: Care/Of is probably one of the most well known vitamin subscription services out there. You've likely seen their adorable packaging all over Instagram. Using a very fun quiz, they're able to help personalize a vitamin subscription based off your specific needs. You can even purchase the vitamins individually, along with powders, quick sticks, and more.

How Often: Monthly

How Much: Starts at $5 per month

Shipping: Free on orders over $20

2. Ritual

What's Included: Ritual is designed specifically for women. With their multivitamin, they can cater to almost every type of woman out there. Even if you're vegan or gluten-free, their vitamin (filled with nine essential nutrients) is suitable for your diet.

How Often: Monthly

How Much: $30 per month

Shipping: Free shipping

3. Persona

What's Included: After you take a five-minute assessment, Persona will recommend the best vitamins for you that also happen to be doctor-approved. They even have plenty of nutritionists on hand to help answer any questions you may have.

How Often: Monthly

How Much: $1 - $3 per month

Shipping: Free on orders over $25

4. VitaFive

What's Included: With their fun and inviting packaging, you'll feel at ease taking your daily vitamins provided by VitaFive. They offer the essential vitamins we all should be taking, but probably aren't.

How Often: Monthly

How Much: Starting at $8 per month

Shipping: Free shipping with three or more vitamins

5. Rootine

What's Included: Rootine utilizes your DNA, lifestyle, and nutrient level to deliver the best vitamins to you. You'll fill out the questionnaire, which requires DNA data and blood results, to discover which vitamins you need the most.

How Often: Monthly

How Much: $2 per day

Shipping: Free

6. Baze

What's Included: Baze uses a painless blood test to check your current nutrient levels. Based on those, it'll then recommend the right vitamins for you. It's a pretty exact science, so you know that what you're taking is exactly what your body needs. No guessing!

How Often: Dependent on you

How Much: Starting at $20 per month

Shipping: Free

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