Here's Why Kombrewcha Will Be Your New Favorite Drink

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Hard kombucha is my new favorite craze!

I Found Sanity in Kombrewcha's Line of Hard Kombucha

I didn't just dip my toe into the kombucha waters, I dove into the deep end head first.

My experience with the beverage was quite the opposite of Kombucha Girl's. She displayed a range of emotions while sipping on the fermented drink, whereas I felt only one—bliss.

While it's not for everyone, kombucha is definitely for me. It was love at first sip. There's nothing that relaxes me more than a bottle of kombucha. Well, except any sort of alcohol.

Thanks to Kombrewcha, I can enjoy both. And boy oh boy, do I enjoy this combination.

Read on to learn more about Kombrewcha, their line of flavors, and my experience with the hard kombucha!

About Kombrewcha

As its name suggests, Kombrewcha offers a line of hard kombucha. Wanting to create a beverage that offered a balance of alcohol and organic ingredients, they landed on hard kombucha.

Whether you're looking for a refreshing drink at a party or want something that is inline with a healthier lifestyle, Kombrewcha's line of beverages are here for you.

With 4.4 percent ABV, 120 calories, and 7 grams of sugar in each certified-organic can, they're a much better option than other alcoholic beverages that are out there, including other lines of hard kombucha. You won't feel guilty drinking one after a long, stressful day.

Kombrewcha's Line of Flavors

Kombrewcha comes in three refreshing flavors: Lemongrass Lime, Berry Hibiscus, and Royal Ginger.

Lemongrass Lime

Lemongrass Lime was the first flavor I tried, because it intrigued me the most. I love a good lemon-lime combination, but haven't found one that I liked in kombucha. I took a rather large gulp, but quickly enjoyed the lemongrass and lime notes swishing around my mouth. It was fresh and crisp, offering everything I needed to cool off from the stressful day I had.

Berry Hibiscus

I was unsure about Berry Hibiscus at first, as I'm not the biggest hibiscus fan. There's something about it that can be too floral in taste that I don't enjoy. When I took my first sip, I was pleasantly surprised. I could tell hibiscus was in it, but it didn't taste like I was drinking a flower. It was rather sweet, which is something I enjoy, though it wasn't too overpowering. Berry Hibiscus reminds me of a rosé, so if that happens to be your favorite type of wine, you'll love this flavor.

Royal Ginger

I saved Royal Ginger for last, as I love anything ginger-flavored. It's always so refreshing and clean, so I expected a lot for this can. Thankfully, it did not disappoint. It was very gingery, but I can never have enough ginger, so it was perfect. It really awakens your senses and puts your mind at ease. That might be the alcohol, but I'm convinced it's the ginger.

My Experience With Kombrewcha

Kombrewcha was everything I could've asked for and more. Each and every drink was refreshing, crisp, and delicious. Plus, I can't complain about the low sugar and calories for an alcoholic beverage.

On paper, Kombrewcha is perfect. It offers a unique combination with fun flavors that are healthier than various beer and wine alternatives. In practice, Kombrewcha is even better.

While I enjoyed everything they had to offer, it was how drinking a can after a long day made me feel. Life has been stressful to say the least, and while I have methods to de-stress, they don't always work. But the second I sipped some Kombrewcha, I felt all my worries melt away. Every flavor put me in a better mood in an instant. Again, this could be because of the alcohol, but I truly did feel invincible after each sip.

No other spiked beverage ever made me feel that good, especially without making me feel awful the next day. Kombrewcha is so light and free in its makeup, that you'll feel that way once you try it.

Learn more about Kombrewcha on their website here!

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