Best Drake Lyrics to Use as an Instagram Bio

Drake posing for a candid Instagram photo while holding a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other
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"Turn my birthday into a lifestyle."

Best Drake Lyris for Instagram Bios

Instagram bios are incredibly important.

They tell your followers (and occasional IG stalker) who you are in as few words as possible. But coming up with a clever one is easier said than done. That's when it's time to turn to someone who has a way with words. In this case, we're talking about Drake.

His poetic, thoughtful, and snappy lyrics make the sauciest bios anyone will ever read. Scroll below and find the best one for you!

•"I like it when money makes a difference but don't make you different." -"From Time"

•"Me and my friends, we got money to spend." -"Change Locations"

•"Pray the real live forever." -"Know Yourself"

•"I only love my bed and my momma." -"God's Plan"

•"Higher powers taking a hold on me." -"One Dance"

•"'Cause you're a good girl and you know it." -"Hold on, We're Going Home"

•"Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor." -"Hotline Bling"

•"I'm honest, I make mistakes." -"Tuscan Leather"

•"I'm living inside a moment." -"The Resistance"

•"You got your resolutions, we just got reservations. "Thank Me Now"

•"I'm workin' on dyin'." -"I'm Upset"

•"All that peace and that unity." -"Diplomatic Immunity"

•"And is it today that you will find your new release?" -"Free Smoke"

•"Passin' up on my old ways." -"Passionfruit"

•"I can tell you not a rapper." -"10 Bands"

•"Just get in the car and then let's touch the road." -"Madonna"

•"I knew it would end up like this." -"6 Man"

•"Somehow I always rise above it." -"6PM in New York"

•"I group DM my exes." -"U With Me?"

•"I hope you can take it." -"Too Good"

•"This is not a fairytale." -"Child's Play"

•"I know how I wanna live my life." -"Blem"

•"Your heart is hard to carry after dark." -"Teenage Fever"

•"I don't stop, man, I'm stuck on go." -"Can't Have Everything"

•"Watch out for me, I'm bound to glow." -"Glow"

•"Turn my birthday into a lifestyle." -"Pop Style"

•"I empower girls." -"My Side"

•"Silence keeps cloudin' me." -"Do Not Disturb"

•"Icy like there's nobody you'd ever need." -"Ice Melts"

•"We go 0 to 100." -"0 to 100 / The Catch Up"