5 Sex Positions Scientifically Proven to Get You Pregnant

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Time to make a baby!

Best Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant isn't as easy as it sounds.

You can't just have unprotected sex once and end up with a baby inside of you. That may work for a very small amount of couples, but not many.

There are so many more factors that go into getting pregnant, most of them dealing with genetics and such.

We can't offer guidance on that, but we can help the conception process by revealing the best sex positions for getting pregnant.

Find them below, and try one (or all) of them tonight!

Oh, and one more tip before you begin. After you're inseminated, lay down for at least 15 minutes afterwards. A study from the British Medical Journal reported that 27 percent of women who did this became pregnant.


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A go-to position for many couples, missionary works wonders for getting women pregnant. A position where the woman is laying down is always best, so as the sperm don't have to swim upstream to reach the egg. Plus, missionary allows for your man to get closer to the cervix, giving an added boost to his sperm as they swim towards an egg.

Legs Up

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Legs up is one of many variations for the missionary position, so it offers the same benefits to getting pregnant as regular ol' missionary does. The only difference is that the penetration is a bit deeper, allowing for the sperm to reach the egg a bit faster.

Doggy Style

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Another common position for many couples, doggy style offers a deeper level of penetration than most. Because of this, it makes it easier on the sperm and the egg to find one another. Aww, what a romantic tale!


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More of an intimate position than the ones on this list, face-to-face allows partners to come together in more ways than one. Not only will it better allow each of you to get off, your man's sperm will quickly be able to reach the cervix. This is exactly what you want from a position claiming to help you get pregnant.


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For you more adventurous couples out there, try the wheelbarrow sex position. It's not as difficult to get your body into as you might think, though it will require a bit of effort from both partners. Still, if it'll help you conceive, why not try it?

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