What Channel Is CNN on Direct TV? | 2018

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Forget the channel guide, we can show you right to CNN's channel number on Direct TV.


What Channel Is CNN On Direct TV? | 2018

It seems like you can never find the channel you are looking for when you need it and it seems like people are wondering what channel CNN is on Direct TV.

Are you sick and tired of constantly flipping through channels, only left with frustration as your only outcome? You're not alone! We have the channel number for CNN on Direct TV right here. Don't miss out on anymore of your favorite shows on CNN such as Anderson Cooper 360, Erin Burnett OutFront, and CNN Newsroom.

Direct TV has you covered as the best possible substitute to cable available for purchase right now. With options like viewing a show 72 hours after it has aired (no recording necessary) and 4k channels and like 4k broadcasts, no other service can compare. Don't hesitate to look into upgrading your TV provider service to Direct TV.

How To Watch CNN On Direct TV:


CNN (Cable News Network) has been working since 1980 to provide its viewers with the best and timeliest news source outlet available. Covering live news, politics, and just about anything you could imagine, CNN is revolutionary in the news-watching experience.

To find your local channel on Direct TV, you can turn to the company channel guide itself. There, you will find the CNN channel on 202 if you live in California. However, this is different, depending on your region.

Direct TV will allow you to stream CNN or even record something you may have missed. Even if you forgot to record something, you can often still watch certain shows within 72 hours of its viewing.

You can even stream Direct TV on the go via your laptop and mobile device with your Direct TV plan. You'll never miss your CNN viewing no matter where you are and what you are doing.

If you still cannot find the channel on your television, you can always find your CNN channel on Direct TV by checking out you CNN local station website.