26 Chilling Quotes From Netflix's 'Mindhunter'

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Get inside these dark minds.

Unsettling Quotes From Mindhunter

Mindhunter totally changed the game when it comes to Netflix Originals. Since it's airing in 2017, this crime show has grown a loyal fanbase. These frightening quotes from the show will remind you why you couldn't stop binge watching the first time (and maybe even the second). For those who can't get enough of FBI thrillers, Mindhunter is at the top of the list.

Holden and Bill take us back to where studying serial killers all began. They find themselves in terribly uncomfortable situations in order to search for the truth. Their conversations with each other and with these ruthless murderers are definitely our guilty pleasure. We've highlighted some of the best lines that'll make you go crazy—the good kind, of course! As season two unfolds, reminisce on these powerful quotes from the first season of Mindhunter.

Eerie Quotes From Mindhunter

  • "Psychopaths are extremely skilled at imitating human emotions. It's how they manipulate other people, or how they gain power over their environment." - Wendy Carr

  • "If what we're doing doesn't get under your skin, you're more screwed up than I thought, or kidding yourself." - Bill Tench

  • "When you go from an abstract idea of murder to the visceral reality, you can no longer be objective. Only when you feel the pain of those victims and their loved ones can you know the magnitude of the choice that killer made. And it's that choice that seals his fate." - Esther Mayweather

  • "Manipulation. Domination. Control. These are the three watchwords of violent serial offenders." - John E. Douglas

  • "It's a riddle, but it can be solved. It's complex, but it's human." - Holden Ford

  • "What else is a criminal except somebody who can't function in society?" - Wendy Carr

Frightening Mindhunter Quotes

  • "In reality, when you stab somebody, they lose blood pressure and they leak to death, very slowly." - Edmund Kemper

  • "Imagine, like truly imagine what it takes to bludgeon someone to death. The lust for control, the feeling of arousal, the decision to rape the severed head of your victim, to humiliate her corpse. How could you possibly get that from an ordinary police report?" - Wendy Carr

  • "Personality and character far outweigh the presence of psychotic or defective diagnoses. In other words, by extrapolation, are criminals born or are they formed?" - Leo Buchanan

  • "You see, Bill, I knew a week before she died I was gonna kill her." - Edmund Kemper

  • "Passenger seat's not the best way to transport a corpse, I'll give you that." - Bill Tench

  • "You get onto a crowded elevator, and you face the opposite direction, the back of the elevator, and everybody freaks out. They're uncomfortable for reasons they can't even articulate. But if you turn around and face the front, everybody relaxes." - Holden Ford

Most Memorable Mindhunter Quotes

  • "Um, I'm teaching a class on the intersection of sociopathy and fame. People like, um, Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison. Their celebrity becomes the only thing they need to sustain their ego." - Wendy Carr

  • "The question is not only why did the killer do it, but why did the killer do it this way?" - Bill Tench

  • "How do we get ahead of crazy if we don't know how crazy thinks?" - Holden Ford

  • "So I got a claw hammer and I beat her to death. Then I cut her head off, and I humiliated her." - Edmund Kemper

  • "Butchering people is hard work. Physically and mentally. I don't think people realize. You need to vent." - Edmund Kemper

  • "Nixon was a sociopath." - Bill Tench

  • "I can choke down the bile, manufacture empathy—when our subjects are at least informative." - Bill Tench

Disturbing Mindhunter Quotes

  • "I mean, if they admitted that they rape and murder for pleasure, it would destroy them. There's a tension. They need to be seen to have power over someone, and yet circumstance demands that they erase the only witness, which means they have to do the whole thing over again. It must be Hell." - Wendy Carr

  • "We're trying to save women from getting pulled into vans and cut to pieces, not crucify some schoolmarm who hasn't done anything." - Bill Tench

  • "The only mistake I made was ever doubting myself..." - Holden Ford

  • "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission." - Holden Ford

  • "Psychopaths are convinced that there is nothing wrong with them, so these men are virtually impossible to study." - Wendy Carr

  • "When you're married, it's a contract. There's children, a mortgage, a house to keep up, almost like a business. Only you can't quit. She can't fire you. Stock goes up, stock goes down, doesn't matter, you're trapped. Unless you want to bring on the lawyers and open Pandora's box. Resentment builds on both sides. A thousand tiny cuts." - Bill Tench

  • "As with everything else in my life, I decided that if we were all going to get through this in one piece, I'd better have a sense of humor." - John E. Douglas

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