The 10 Most Awkward Moments From The Emmys

Cringeworthy moments were in full force Sunday evening.

It just wouldn't be an award show without a little cringe from Amy Schumer, Giuliana Rancic, and company! While Hollywood's hottest stars might be used to working on scripted movies and shows, the annual Emmys is completely live TV.

From awkward interview moments on the red carpet to cringeworthy events onstage, Sunday night's award show was full of weird and wonderful gaffes. We're counting down the 10 most awkward 2016 Emmys moments!

1. The John Mayer & Tom Hiddleston Camera Pan

It's no secret that #Hiddleswift is over. So when Tom Hiddleston made his first red carpet appearance post-breakup with TSwift, all eyes were on him. Thanks to some conniving camera work, viewers caught an obviously intentional pan across the audience from Tom Hiddleston to John Mayer -- another one of Taylor's notorious exes. John Mayer even played Swift's most recent ex-boyfriend off the stage. Can you say #Dramz?

2. Matt LeBlanc's Creepy Comment about Emilia Clarke

During a split screen interview, the Friends star and Game of Thrones star had an awkward exchange. When disclosing that he hasn't watched GoT since the first season, the former Joey Tribbiani stated, "I fell out of touch with it and I guess that's when she started getting naked. So I need to catch up." Um, noooo.

3. Amy Schumer's TMI Response to "What Are You Wearing?"

Pretty sure Amy Schumer actually managed to out-Schumer herself. When asked by E! News host Giuliana Rancic what she was wearing, the comedian replied, "I'm wearing Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford shoes, and an o.b. tampon!"

4. Aziz Ansari's Not-So-Acceptance-Speech

Poor Aziz accepted his first Emmy award by running off the stage. When Parks & Rec co-creator Alan Young took too long to finish his speech, Aziz couldn't get a word in, was cut off, and ran off the stage. At least Kanye didn't interrupt you, Aziz!

5. Emilia Clarke Being Told to Move for Heidi Klum

We're surprised Khaleesi was able to keep her composure when E! News host Giuliana Rancic straight up told the Game of Thrones actress, "You can go, Emilia," when she spotted Heidi Klum waiting to be interviewed. Talk about, "Auf Wiedersehen," Emilia!

6. Jimmy Kimmel's Bill Cosby Fake-Out

Jimmy Kimmel shocked the audience when he asked them to welcome to the stage their next presenter, "four-time Emmy Award winner Dr. Bill Cosby." Kimmel then walked out onto the stage and quipped, "Don't worry, he's not really here. I just wanted to see what you guys would do." Phew!

7. Maggie Smith Being AWOL Once Again

via abc

During the opening monologue, Jimmy Kimmel joked about a new Emmys rule called the "Maggie Smith Rule." He stated if the winner is not present to accept the award, it will go to the runner-up. Maggie Smith, who has never been present to accept her three awards, won Best Supporting Actress Sunday evening and was nowhere to be found. Kimmel stuck to his word and snatched the award away from the presenters.

8. Beyonce Being a No Show

While Queen Bey was rumored to perform at the award ceremony, she was nowhere to be found. Much to the dismay of the Bey Hive, she didn't show up to the night's event despite having a seating card and everything. Someone should have called Becky with the good hair to be her seat filler.

9. Not-So-Funny Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington

We didn't think it was even possible, but Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington managed to not be funny while on stage. While the duo were great together in 7 Days in Hell, their jokes seemed too short and sadly fell flat.

10. Terrence Howard's Wife Throwing Shade at Her Husband

Terrence Howard plays the notorious Lucious Lyon on Empire. When his wife was asked if he ever brings his devilish character home with him, she responded by saying, "Quite often, actually." Looks like someone's sleeping on the couch tonight!

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