Quiz: Can We Guess Your Age Based Solely On Your Taste In Music & Food?

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Your taste reveals a lot about you!

Can we accurately guess your age based on your food preferences and taste in music? Answer honestly to find out!

 Dec 06, 2018
1 of 30Pick Your Answer!
What does your sweet tooth crave?
Apple Pie
Chocolate cake
2 of 30Pick Your Answer!
Your guilty pleasure is _____.
Hot dogs
French fries
3 of 30Pick Your Answer!
At an Indian restaurant, what would you order?
Butter Chicken
Beef Vindaloo
Lamb Rogan Josh
4 of 30Pick Your Answer!
What's your favorite vegetable?
5 of 30Pick Your Answer!
What do you like to put on your toast?
Cream Cheese
Smashed Avocado
6 of 30Pick Your Answer!
Which of these fast food places do you like the best?
Taco Bell
Burger King
7 of 30Pick Your Answer!
Your midnight snack of choice is:
Banana and Peanut Butter
8 of 30Pick Your Answer!
How spicy do you like your food?
Not spicy at all
Very spicy
Kind of spicy
9 of 30Pick Your Answer!
Which sauce could you NEVER live without?
BBQ Sauce
10 of 30Pick Your Answer!
Your go-to takeout cuisine is definitely _____.
11 of 30Pick your favorite!
The best type of chocolate is:
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
White chocolate
12 of 30Pick your favorite!
Which ice cream flavor is your go-to?
Cookies and creme
Lemon sorbet
13 of 30Pick your favorite!
Pick a snack to eat while you binge watch Netflix!
Potato chips
14 of 30Pick your favorite!
What do you use to scoop hummus?
I don't eat hummus
Pretzel crisps
15 of 30Pick your favorite!
Which is your most ordered pizza topping?
16 of 30Pick your answer!
Which era's music do you enjoy the most?
90s or 00s
50s or 60s
70s or 80s
17 of 30Pick your answer!
Which of these do you experience the most when you listen to music?
Guitar solos or strong vocals
Beat drops or drums
Acoustics or symphonies
18 of 30Pick your answer!
Which of these adjectives best describe your music playlist?
Simple, Sentimental, Happy
Peaceful, Calm, Chill
Loud, Raw, Intense
19 of 30Pick your answer!
Choose from these iconic artists:
Frank Sinatra
20 of 30Pick your answer!
A cross-country road trip means:
I'm playing DJ throughout the trip.
I'm hitting shuffle on my friend's playlist.
I'm letting the other people choose the music.
21 of 30Pick your answer!
Who do you normally listen to music with?
Anyone I can fit into my livingroom.
At times no one and at other times with a few friends.
No one or a close friend.
22 of 30Pick your answer!
How important are the lyrics to you?
The lyrics are everything.
It all depends, but the music is always important.
Not important, I focus on the high energy of the song.
23 of 30Pick your answer!
When you first heard your favorite song, you:
Thought that the artist was an understated genius.
Had one of the best days of my life.
24 of 30Pick your answer!
If you could purchase one instrument, what would it be?
A violin or flute
A piano or keyboard
A guitar or drumset
25 of 30Pick your answer!
When do you usually listen to music?
When I am in a creative mood or need a boost of energy.
When it's time to party or I'm in a good mood.
Whenever I want to escape life's stresses or reflect.
26 of 30Pick your answer!
Would you rather go hear music played live or listen at home?
I prefer my headphones and total solitude, thanks.
Live is always better. It enhances the experience.
Sometimes I like concerts but sometimes I like staying home.
27 of 30Pick your answer!
Which artist are you most likely to recommend to someone?
Beyoncé or Drake
The Rolling Stones or Michael Jackson
Aretha Franklin or The Beatles
28 of 30Pick your answer!
Do you still own any records or CDs?
I have a bunch of old CDs still lingering somewhere.
I only stream my music.
I’ve been building an amazing vinyl collection.
29 of 30Pick your answer!
How do you like to listen to music?
Blasting on a surround sound system
Turn table / record player
iPod or Phone with headphones on
30 of 30Pick your answer!
Which genre do you listen to the most?
Rock or Rap
Country or Pop
Jazz or Classical
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