Can We Guess Your Birth Order Based On These Random Personality Questions?

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Does your personality align with your birth order?

Let's see just how much the order in which you were born affects your character traits and personality!

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Did you know that the order in which you were born can determine a lot of your characteristics? It's true! Find out if your personality actually matches the order in which you were born compared to your siblings. If you are the oldest child, you feel responsible for your younger siblings. Being born first, you have to abide by all your parent's rules. You also feel like you have to succeed and you have to show your siblings you can do just that. You're responsible, independent, caring, and creative. You're pretty mature, and you have always set high standards for yourself. If you are the middle child, you're more independent and agreeable than most, but because of that, you often suffer when you feel like you're being left out. You like to have a good time, and you're always there for people — including your many friends — when they need you. You dance to the beat of your own drum, that's for sure. You love attention, even if you don't know it. You're smart, wild, reckless, and spontaneous. If you are the youngest child, you feel you have more to prove. You try to make your mark and you feel like you have to stand out. You like all eyes to be on you and are always down to have a good time, even when people tease you a little. You're the fun one, with lots of natural charm and a constant need for attention. You are the lift of the party and will never stop being fun-loving. So which one are you really most like? Find out now!

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