Dynasty Reboot Premiere Air Time And Date, Trailers And Clips

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Get ready for the ultimate family feud drama: Dynasty is coming back. A reboot of the 1980s classic soap opera is returning to TV on The CW, and here's everything you need to know ahead of the premiere, including the Dynasty reboot air time and date and every trailer and clip from the premiere.

When Does The Dynasty Premiere Air?

Dynasty premieres Wednesday, October 11, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW with an episode called, "I Hardly Recognized You." It will air just after the highly anticipated season 2 premiere of Riverdale at 8 p.m. ET, and will air weekly in the same time slot for the duration of the season.

If you miss seeing the premiere on Wednesday, there will be an encore airing on Sunday, October 15, at 9 p.m. ET, plus The CW will often post full episodes of original programming on their website after they air.

Dynasty Reboot Trailers And Clips

Even though we've seen Dynasty before, The CW has released a number of trailers and sneak peeks before the reboot premieres, giving us insight into the dynamics of the characters — and reminding us that, although the inspiration will be apparent, the new Dynasty will be different from the original.


In the first look trailer, we get our first introduction to Fallon Carrington (Elizabeth Gillies), the glamorous life she leads, her family — brother Steven Carrington (James Mackay) and father Blake Carrington (Grant Show) — and her biggest problem: her father's new fiancée, Cristal Flores (Nathalie Kelley).

In "Oh Snap," we get a look at Fallon's career ambitions within her family company.

In "Fight," we see the depths of the rivalry between Fallon and Cristal.

Clips and Sneak Peeks

The CW has also released a series of clips to give viewers a peek into the world of the Carringtons. In the first clip, the butler Joseph Anders (Alan Dale) cleans the windows in their mansion. Simple, right? Not when you use champagne as Windex.

In another clip, called "Clean Up," the butler clears a post-party table cluttered with empty champagne bottles, champagne glasses, silverware and silver ice buckets by throwing it all away in a gold-colored trash bag.

In "Bathtub," patriarch Blake fills a claw-foot bathtub with champagne as his new wife Cristal bathes in it. Are we starting to sense a theme?

In a fourth clip, Joseph grates solid gold over a cupcake he serves to Cristal.

In "Ice," we get ice two ways. Joseph presents a diamond necklace (or, ice) to Fallon, and she selects two diamonds. Joseph then places those two diamonds in a glass with a drink poured over them (or, over ice).

Talk about opulence.

Dynasty premieres Wednesday, October 11, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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