Only 1 in 50 Nurses Can Get A Perfect Score On This Fill-In-The-Blank Test

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The "Universal Donor" blood type is ____.

Nurse slang and langauge quiz. Nurse slang. Do you know nurse lingo? How well can you guess these nurse phrases?

 Jan 26, 2018

1 of 18Fill in the blank!

BPM stands for ______.
Bi-Polar Medication
Beats per minute
Blood pressure marker

2 of 18Fill in the blank!

______ is a code nurses use for panicky new parents.
Stream Team

3 of 18Fill in the blank!

________ are the best kind of medicines to treat allergies.

4 of 18Fill in the blank!

The suffixes -dynia and -algia mean ______.

5 of 18Fill in the blank!

Blood sugar that is less than 120 ______.
is a sign of diabetes
is an indicator of high blood pressure
is average

6 of 18Fill in the blank!

The memebranes that cover the brain and the spinal cord are called _____.
brain juice

7 of 18Fill in the blank!

The test where the Doctor shines a pen light into a patient's mouth is called ______.
the Lantern test
the Flash test
the Glow test

8 of 18Fill in the blank!

If a patient is a "PITA", that stands for _______.
Prime In the Ag
Pain In The Arse
Perfect In The Armchair

9 of 18Fill in the blank!

The ______ is the transparent membrane that focuses the light that enters from the eye to the retina.

10 of 18Fill in the blank!

If a patient is "fighting Darwin", that means they _______.
are refusing essential treatment through stuborness
like to leave their room a lot
have a kind soul

11 of 18Fill in the blank!

Lumbar refers to the area of your ______.
upper leg
middle chest
lower back

12 of 18Fill in the blank!

The medical term for a "headache" is actually called _____.
brain fart

13 of 18Fill in the blank!

The prefixes "hemo" and "hema" both stand for ____.

14 of 18Fill in the blank!

______ Blood Cells fight infection.

15 of 18Fill in the blank!

The "stream team" is the team of ____.
plastic surgeon

16 of 18Fill in the blank!

A "frequent flyer" is someone that _____.
runs around a lot
is a regular patient in the hospital
a visiting doctor

17 of 18Fill in the blank!

Blood cells are shaped like ________.
Kidney beans

18 of 18Fill in the blank!

_____ of the human brain is water.
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