Quiz: Which Ravnica Guild Do You Belong In?

Magic: The Gathering Selesnya Conclave
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The city of Ravnica is being plagued with corruption and injustice. There are 10 guilds caught in the middle of it. Which do you belong to?

Which Ravnica guild do you belong in? Selesnya Conclave, Boros Legion, House Dmir, the Izzet League, or the Golgari Swarm? Take this quiz to find out!

 Sep 12, 2018
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Corruption, violence, and injustice are plaguing the magical city of Ravnica. The city is made up of 10 different guilds, split up into alliances of five. On one side is the Selesnya Conclave, the Boros Legion, the House Dmir, the Izzet League, and the Golgari Swarm. Find out where your magical destiny lies.