Hey Texans, Can You Ace This 28 Question Quiz In Honor Of The 28th State?

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Only true Texan should take this challenge on!

Pass this quiz about Texas food, culture, and slang to prove you're a true native or local. It might be harder than you think! No cheating.

 Dec 29, 2018

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Which of these cuisines is done a little bit differently and way more deliciously in Texas than anywhere else?

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Yeehaw! What article of clothing is a staple in many Texans' wardrobes?
Collared shirts
Cowboy boots
Ripped jeans

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Which Texas-based ice cream brand marks the beginning of summer and is a favorite throughout the state?
Blue Berry, mmm!
Blue Bunny, mmm!
Blue Bell, mmm!

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_____, tenderized beef coated in seasoned flour and deep fried, is a very popular Texas dish.
Chicken-fried steak, and it's best served with peppered gravy!
Southern fried chicken, it's best with biscuits!
Steak-grilled chicken, it's best with potatoes!

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Every Texan knows that ghost story of the school bus that stalled on top of train tracks. What's supposed to happen if you park your car on top of those very tracks?
The children's ghosts will push your car across to safety
The children's ghosts will follow you home
You'll see a ghostly vision of the accident

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What president was shot and killed in Dallas in his motorcade by an assassin?
Robert Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
John F. Kennedy

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"I root for the Texans, but my husband roots for the Cowboys, we really live ____________."
In hell
In a house divided
In perfect unity

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Your mama didn't raise you in a barn! Of course you say:
Mister and Missus!
Auntie and Uncle!
Sir and Ma'am!

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The Pacific Northwest has Bigfoot, The Pine Barrens has the Jersey Devil, and Texas has the:

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The best start to your day has got to be ____.
Breakfast taco or burrito
Dippy eggs!
Hunk of BBQ with biscuits

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Forget pop or soda, Texans drink:

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And the decided favorite coke throughout Texas is:
Mountain Dew (It started here!)
Pepsi (It started here!)
Dr Pepper (It started here!)

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The only acceptable way to refer to two or more people is:
You guys!

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Sometimes you just have to pull over to take a photo of a beautiful field of _____ when they're in bloom!

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___ are given to high school dance dates instead of corsages. These are just...more *elaborate.*
Flower crowns

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What is "Juneteenth"?
The beginning of summer in Texas
Texas' Independence Day
A day to commemorate the Emancipation Proclamation

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Which celebrity, known to many fans as the "queen" is from Houston, Texas?
Queen Beyonce, duh!
Queen Kim Kardashian, obviously!
Uh...Queen Elizabeth?

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You can't possibly travel on 35 without stopping at Czech Shop for:

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Which delicious food is the state dish?
Hot dogs, yum!
Chili, can't get enough!
Oh, it's pepperoni pizza!

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What popular - and delicious - burger joint was founded in Corpus Christi, and is now headquartered in San Antonio?
Whataburger, duh!
In'nOut, of course!
Has to be Burger King!

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"I'm fixin' to go out tonight!" means __.
I might go out!
I'm getting ready to go out!
I don't want to go out!

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Don't y'all worry, in Texas, you can guarantee that your tea will always be:

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"Cindy really doesn't seem to have much luck with the boys, oh ______________."
Bless her mama!
Bless her heart!
Bless her soul!

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It was big news when the first Big Tex _____ and had to be replaced!
Burned down
Was stolen
Was lost

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Other states don't typically have this problem, but Texans definitely need to be on the lookout for which of these animals crossing the street at times?

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Yum, country fried Texas steak is not complete without a side of ________!

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And which US airline called Dallas, TX home?
Obviously Spirit Airlines!
I'm pretty sure it's United!
Southwest, come on, it's in the name!

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You'll always have so much pride for the ________ in your heart, because nowhere else in the world even comes close!
Rodeo State
Lone Star State
Show Me State
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