Here's What Happened After We Tried Gac for Two Weeks

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Do you even know what carotenoids are?

Review of Gac

At FounderMade's Consumer Discovery Show, we were introduced to a ton of products from various beauty, health, and wellness companies.

From non-toxic deodorant to CBD-infused lip balm, we were kids in a candy store roaming the halls of the exhibit. But none of them piqued our interest quite like Gac—a line of water beverages made with the superfruit of the same name. It's basically the fountain of youth in your water bottle.

The team could tell we were intrigued by all the beverage promised to do, so they sent a two weeks supply our way. Scroll below to learn more about the Gac drinks and hear about our experience with them.

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About Gac

Simply put, gac is a superfruit found only in Southeast Asia that offers a wide array of benefits. Packed with 90 different healing compounds, it's a natural health and beauty boost.

One of the reasons gac is so super is because it contains the highest amount of all-natural antioxidant carotenoids. If you don't know what carotenoids are, don't feel bad. We had no idea what they were until we were introduced to Gac.

Basically, these powerful antioxidants work to fuel your eyes and prevent skin aging. They're more powerful than you know, but they're not easy to come by in a lot of the foods you eat daily. Even fruits and veggies like cabbage, tomatoes, and carrots don't have the same amount of carotenoids as gac fruit.

When we sampled the drinks at FounderMade, we had our carotenoid levels tested and then again after we finished our two week experience with the drinks. More on that below!

Photo courtesy of Gac

Our Gac Experience

Our two incredible editors, Ashley Locke and Sophie Matthews, drank Gac for two weeks. This was their experience.

Ashley's Gac Experience

When my carotenoid levels were first measured, I was at 301—which, I was told, had been fairly high for the day. I'm vegan, so I wasn't too shocked to hear that, though I'm not the healthiest vegan by any means. Nevertheless, I was proud of my score, but wanted an even higher one. A score of over 450 has been linked with lowered risk of various cancers and cardiovascular disease, while also promoting eye and skin health. That's what I was hoping for after my two-week Gac trial.

With five different flavors, I opted for the pineapple water and mango sparkling water. My favorite was definitely the pineapple, because I love that fruit more than any other on the planet.

Adding the drink to my daily routine wasn't too difficult either. I'd grab a can every morning as I prepared my salad for lunch and then head out the door. Remembering to drink it on the weekends though was a bit tougher, seeing as I'm generally never home. They were easy to drink, though I wish I had a little more variety, because drinking the same drink for 14 straight days can feel a bit repetitive. Still, the drinks were delicious and easy to consume. They're fairly mild in flavor, seeing as there's no added sugar. I liked that, because too much sugar can give me a headache and definitely isn't good for my overall health.

After the two week trial was over, I got my carotenoid levels measured again. I went from 301 to a whopping 312. I'll admit I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping that by drinking the Gac, along with sticking to my "healthy" diet of salads, I was sure to be in the 450 range. What I learned was that it's different for everyone. While some people can increase their scores relatively quickly, others take a little bit more time for the carotenoids to work. I fall in the latter category. I'm sure now they're a bit higher, but I'll definitely be drinking Gac until I die. I want glowing skin and flawless vision, but I'm not the type of person who'll eat a bunch of vegetables to do it. That's where Gac comes to my rescue.

Sophie's Gac Experience

I fancy myself a relatively healthy eater. I eat vegetables at every meal and try to limit my sugar intake like any other millennial, so when my carotenoid levels were first measured, I was a shocked at how low they were. My initial score was 200 and I was pissed! I know Oreos have no nutritional value, but I eat hearty salads and stick to a pretty Mediterranean diet.

Like Ashley, I chose the pineapple and mango flavors. First, it was fun drinking them every morning. But then I felt like it was a chore. Seeing as it's hard for me to drink water everyday, I wasn't thrilled with a mandatory liquid for two straight weeks. And I wasn't religious about drinking them either. I think my boyfriend drank a few and I definitely didn't consume Gac on the weekends. With our deadline fast approaching I got my act together (thanks to Ashley who would be diligently drinking her Gac, thus reminding me I needed to, too) and finished the two week drinking binge.

When my carotenoid levels were measured again I had a pit in my stomach that nothing would change. I was already at a low number as a salad eater, how much higher could I go? Well, my score shot up to 284 after our trail was over. I was impressed. Seeing as though I wasn't diligent about drinking Gac, it still worked!

While I did like seeing a higher score, I wondered if it was possible to keep increasing said number if I didn't have to religiously drink a beverage each day. For me, and my eating habits, I think using Gac as a supplement, or a more casual beverage, would suffice.

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Where to Buy Gac

If you'd like to try out this super drink yourself, we highly recommend you do. You might be hesitant, but it'll only do more good than harm when added to your daily routine.

Gac comes in three regular water flavors (lemon, pineapple, and peach), along with three sparkling water flavors (mango, lemon, and passionfruit).

A six-pack case will cost you $24, but you can sign up for their subscription and get it delivered straight to your door every month for $19.20 per month. Plus, if you buy one, they'll gift a six-pack to your friend for free. All you have to do is fill in their shipping info at checkout. If you really care about the health of your friends, you'll do it.

Happy drinking!

Photo Courtesy of Gac

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