7 Ways To Try 2024's Jellyfish Trend, From Fashion To Beauty To Decor

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If you've been on social media recently, you may well have noticed that jellyfish have been everywhere. It may seem a little unexpected, but according to Pinterest, the intriguing sea creatures have become a go-to source for design inspiration for 2024. And the numbers are anything but washed up.

According to the social media site, both Gen-Z and millennials have gone crazy for sea jellies. And they really are getting those tentacles into a little bit of everything. Pinterest searches for "jellyfish hat" are up 220%, and businesses have started selling jellyfish lamps and jellyfish hats. But, get this, search terms for "jellyfish haircut"? They've risen a whopping 615%! Over on TikTok, the hashtag #JellyfishAestehtic has a whopping 15.6 million views. See. We told you this jellyfish thing was massive!

But if this trend is new to you and you're looking for somewhere to start (or even if it isn't and you're just intrigued), allow us to show you just why everyone is jellyfish crazy right now. We've compiled some of our favorite ways to get in on this unique trend, so you can gel with a jellyfish in all aspects of life, including fashion, beauty, and even home decor.

Try jellyfish makeup

One of the most creative and playful ways to work the jellyfish trend into your life is through your makeup. Of course, if you're super dedicated, you can go all out and literally paint a jellyfish shape onto your face, but we realize that's not exactly practical for the everyday. If you want something a little more wearable, try incorporating jellyfish colors into your palette. A frosty pink lip combined with bright turquoise, lilac, and electric blue eyeshadow leans into the aesthetic without going too crazy. Wear it on a summer night out dancing to catch everyone's attention. 

Get a jellyfish cut

Building off the mullet trend that dominated 2020s, the jellyfish cut has been popping up as one of the edgier hairstyles to try in 2024. The cut is a variation of the infamously choppy style but with more of a party going on in the back. "The jellyfish cut has disconnected sections, with the top section [having] very short layers while the bottom layer is long and textured," hair stylist Raven Hurtado explained to Glamour UK. In other words, the bottom layers are extra long an intended to mimic the movement of jellyfish tentacles. This daring animal hair look already has legs too, as it really gained traction in 2022 — and is now making its way back, with the likes of celebs like Shay Mitchell rocking the cut in January 2024. To get more wild wiht it, you can add colors like purple and blue to really lean into the jellyfish vibe. We'd recommend trusting a hairdresser with this one though, as it can be a tough one to cut yourself.

Show off your sea creature love on your nails

If you're a fan of a bolder manicure, then a jellyfish nail could be for you. Jellyfish manicures are a chance to play around with the under-the-sea trend, whether you're looking for realistic designs or ones that pay homage to cartoons. If you wanna be on the nose, incorporate jellyfish nail art onto a press-ons. You can purchase nail stickers at your local beauty supply or on Amazon. If you want to be a little more understated, sweep jellyfish inspired shades, like purple, blue, and pink on your talons.

Jellyfish jewelry is super fun too

As the jellyfish aesthetic continues to gain popularity, more and more companies are incorporating the sea creatures into their products. Numerous creators on Etsy have begun offering jellyfish-shaped necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. which means you could easily get your hands on a totally unique piece. Jellyfish earrings in particular are a cute and unserious way to rock the trend, as a dangly pair will create movement as if the marine life are swimming by your ears.

Jellyfish lamps can be a great addition to your space

Okay, we're just going to say it. We think moving jellyfish lamps are super cool. Of course, they don't contain real jellyfish — but they sure look like they do! Jellyfish lamps are kind of a throwback to the days of lava lamps and can be super relaxing to look at as they mimic the way the sea creatures move around in their tanks. And we can't get enough of the mesmerizing effect. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $50.

Hats inspired by jellyfish can actually be super stylish

Loving the idea of jellyfish fashion? Then try a funky hat! Many people have been sporting this look with strands dangling down around their head to resemble jellyfish tentacles, hence the name. Those who aren't afraid to get experimental with their fashion will find this is a perfect accessory to throw on for a festival or outdoor adventure. If you're crafty and know how to knot or crochet, this may even be an item you can make for yourself in whatever colors you like.

Dress like a jellyfish

Okay, so hear us out on this one. We're not saying you need to go all out and create a jellyfish costume complete with puffy bell (that's the scientific name for the umbrella shaped head of a jellyfish) and dangling tentacles. Unless you want to, of course. But you can embrace the color palette of the majestic marine creature. Iridescent clothing is one way to do that, with sequins reflecting the light just a like a jellyfish's body would. You could also incorporate  dangling layers or sheer, shiny, and holographic fabrics that pay homage to a jellyfish's striking transparency.