Every Zodiac Sign Has A Signature Holiday — Here's Yours

Those who follow astrology tend to see their zodiac sign in everything. It's not just about possessing certain behaviors or inherent reactions, but a specific journey that they're on and a path that they're committed to follow. Astrology, for them, is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of things, and those who subscribe to it are continuing a longstanding tradition. "For thousands of years, humans have looked to the skies for information that might make life on earth feel more predictable," licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Manly told HelloGiggles. "Astrology allows its followers to find a sense of safety and security — core human needs — based upon the movements of the planets."

When we choose to rely on placements in our birth chart and how they affect our personality, it's a pretty intricate and in-depth analysis. Not only can the stars explain why we feel the way we do and how, but they can also — wait for it — reveal our signature holiday. Yes! If you've ever been drawn to a certain holiday but couldn't understand why, then maybe your zodiac sign can explain the link. After all, what's astrology for if not to clarify a Taurus's love of Black Friday?


If ever there were a holiday version of a zodiac sign, Halloween is Scorpio. Dating as far back as two thousand years ago, when the summer ended on October 31, it was believed by the Celts that ghosts would rise that night and wreak havoc. Both to combat those spirits and celebrate the new year that started on November 1, the Celts held the festival of Samhain in which they dressed in ghoulish, often frightening ways (think lots of animal skulls and skins here). It was dark, cryptic, and embraced supernatural rituals like fortune telling and animal sacrifice. It was then, as much as it is now, a holiday that appeals to Scorpio's interest in the occult and mystery. Halloween allows Scorpio to unapologetically reveal their dabblings in the underworld but with the safety of it being in the name of the holiday. 

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini is as mercurial as they come. Unpredictable yet playful, the twins of the zodiac love any situation that allows them to show their dual personalities. Halloween gives Gemini the chance to tap into their other side (their favorite alter ego) with costumes and also delivers intellectual stimulation on a silver platter with conversation and fun — the latter being necessary because they get bored easily. "[Gemini] are certainly intelligent socializers," astrologer Rebecca Gordon told Popsugar. "They can read a room, walk into a room, and talk to whoever they need to and find that person within the first few minutes." Once Gemini reaches their fill of socializing, they can head home and revert back to their day-to-day persona until next year.

Valentine's Day

The most romantic of all the zodiac signs is Libra — their ruling planet is Venus, after all — so naturally, Valentine's Day is their moment to shine. Libras not only love romance but their interest is piqued by beautiful things that are an expression of feeling and emotion. From pink champagne and perfectly wrapped boxes of chocolate to dinner reservations at the best restaurant in the city while rocking a gorgeous dress, Libra lives for Valentine's Day and all that it entails. Even if they're not celebrating it with a romantic partner, you can still expect Libra to make a big deal of the day with friends by gifting everyone they love a little something special.

Although Pisces may not have Venus as its ruling planet (they have Neptune instead), they're still just as romantic as Libra, but in their own equally hopeless way. As the most empathetic of the zodiac, Pisces live and breathe feelings, having a deep consideration for everyone around them. "Pisces are romantic, emotionally intuitive, devoted, compassionate, and nurturing," astrologer Emily Newman told Well + Good. "They don't even judge ... in hard times. So if they love you, they will stay with you." Because of this intensity and need to love, Pisces adores Valentine's Day as both a romantic holiday and one that celebrates love of all kinds. In being ruled by Neptune — the planet of creativity — V-Day gives Pisces the space to show their love through art, poetry, or song. If anyone is going to sculpt a life-size statue of you for Valentine's Day, it's going to be Pisces.

New Year's Eve

New Year's is all about being over the top and Leo is here for it. As the most vain and self-centered of the zodiac (in a good way!), Leo loves New Year's Eve because it gives them a chance to really do it up, put themselves on display, and, ideally, be admired for it. "The royalty of the zodiac will do what they must to be the center of attention, and odds are that they brought half the party with them," astrologer Desiree Roby Antila told Bustle. In fact, Leo loves a good party so much that they're likely the ones who host the biggest NYE parties of the year. So, if you get an invitation to their soirée, make sure you go.

While Aquarius may not have the same need to peacock about like Leo, they still love a good time — especially when it's done in a unique way surrounded by friends. For Aquarius, New Year's Eve gives them the chance to gather up their loved ones and make sure that everyone steps into the new year in a fun, but altruistic way with positive ripple effects. "Aquarians are really humanitarians and do a lot of philanthropy — they want to make the world a better place, and they see it as their mission in life," transformational astrologer Corina Crysler told Well + Good. "They feel an innate responsibility to help people, and have a problem with authority being misused." Making resolutions at dawn on a remote beach off the coast of Thailand with their besties? That's exactly where you'll find Aquarius on NYE.


As the most emotional and family-oriented of the zodiac signs, Cancer loves Thanksgiving because of its relationship to family. For them, there's nothing better than having all their loved ones at a table and being able to tell each one just how thankful they are for them. "It is a gift to have so many emotions," Alberto Toribio tells Today. "To want to take action immediately. To feel it all instantly. The zodiac sign Cancer is a reminder to us all that emotions are important to protect and invest in." Cancer will go above and beyond to make sure every Thanksgiving is a perfect day where everyone feels loved and appreciated. Once the summer ends, Cancer is already planning the Turkey Day menu, decorations, seating chart, and all the necessary components of the day that will focus on nurturing and, again, love. Lots of it.

Like Cancer, Taurus is family-oriented and extremely loyal to their loved ones. They're also the foodies of the zodiac, making Thanksgiving their signature holiday. "Being one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac, Taurus takes great pleasure in the textures, aromas, and flavors of well-prepared dishes," astrologist Michelle Bell told Bustle. "Their patience makes them excellent at cooking methods that require a slow and steady approach. They appreciate high-quality ingredients and well-prepared meals, making them one of the biggest foodies in astrology." While Cancer will insist on hosting Thanksgiving because they're homebodies who want the family to come to them, Taurus will host because no one can make a turkey quite like they can — in their humble opinion.

July 4th

When it comes to American History, no document is as widely referenced as the Declaration of Independence. Adopted by Congress on July 4, 1776, then signed a month later, the (very) lengthy statement was what officially marked the birth of the United States. Because of this, July 4th is a day steeped in tradition, pride, and honor that was pursued by a very relentless and persistent bunch of white dudes — pretty much everything for which Capricorn stands (except maybe the white dude part). While other zodiacs see July 4th as a time to party, hardworking Capricorn (who can always use a break) interprets the holiday as one to, yes, get crazy but also reflect on the past that brought the U.S. to where it is today — or where it was before the presidential election of 2016.

Aries love a good party, especially when there are competitions on hand. As the most competitive of the zodiac, this fire sign delights in July 4th celebrations because it gives them the chance to show off their winning skills (Aries never lose) in a variety of games. Hot dog eating competition? Sign Aries up! "Aries's planetary ruler is Mars, named after the Roman god of war," astrologer Tamerri Ater-Ntonni told Popsugar. "Mars represents vigor and action, so many Aries have a natural drive to win at all costs." July 4th celebrations also let their strong-willed and boisterous personality run wild. Aries is passionate and outspoken about everything, so if the party isn't going as they hoped or planned, everyone is going to hear about it.

Winter holidays

Virgo loves winter holidays because it gives them the chance to do two things they love best: make a detailed list of how to celebrate, then cross everything off that list once it's been perfectly put into action. "As an organized and structured Earth sign, Virgos know exactly how to throw the most successful party," astrologer Rachel Clare told Yahoo. While their anxiety about being perfect and having everything properly placed may not be the best for their nerves, Virgo's need to have the most festive holiday spread imaginable supersedes any other stress.

While other signs might see winter holidays as a time to spend with friends and family, Sagittarius thrives during this month because they see it as an opportunity to get back on the road and explore all that life has to offer. "Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of expansion," astrologer Aliza Kelly told USA Today. "So Sagittarians see the world as really a place where there are no limits, no boundaries. Anything is possible." Whenever there's a time in the year in which Sagittarius can escape and have an adventure, they're all for it.

If you're on the cusp or were born during an eclipse or something special, these holidays won't be 100% accurate, but that's one of the best parts about astrology: there's wiggle room. You can always find aspects of your personality in other signs depending on the specifics of your birth date, time, and place. You can be just as in love with Halloween as you are with July 4th.