Foolproof Methods For Removing Individual Eyelashes At Home

If you've ever worn (and then tried to remove) individual eyelashes before, you'll probably know how difficult the process can be. Unlike strip lashes which you can peel off by getting a hold of one side, individual lashes can take a little more effort. That's because they're that bit smaller, which makes them fiddly, and there can be so darn many of them sticking to your natural lashes that the whole process seems to take ages. Not to mention, taking them out the wrong way or just pulling at them means you could end up ripping out your own lashes if you're not careful. And that's never good.

But if you've been struggling to remove your individual falsies (for this we're talking about the super temporary ones you can pick up from the store, not semi-permanent lash extensions), then get ready to struggle no more. That's because we're sharing some of our favorite tips for getting the pesky things off your eyes the right way, meaning you're less likely to pull out your natural lashes or cause any irritation around the eye.

Individual lash remover is literally designed to dissolve lash glue

One of the best ways to remove your individual lashes is with a product literally designed to remove them; that's called individual lash remover. Several companies selling false eyelashes have created their own versions of the remover over the years, so you should be able to find one that suits you, even if you have sensitive skin and/or eyes.

When using the remover, you'll want to grab a tissue for the best results, according to Ardell's brand ambassador Jennifer Johnson. She shared the best way to use the product while speaking to Women & Home, explaining, "Cover the lower eyelid with a paper tissue, close your eye, and apply the remover with a cotton swab." She then suggested leaving the product to break down the glue for around two minutes. "[Wait] for the bonds to break and gently peel off the lashes," Johnson added. Just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes to avoid any dirt in them, which has the potential to cause infection.

But you could try soaking your lashes off using oil

Another popular way to remove your lashes is to soak them off. What you use to soak your lashes with is up to you, as you have a few options. Coconut oil has many uses in the beauty world, and removing lashes is just one of them. If you don't have any coconut oil or can't use it though, extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil can also help break down lash glue. Or, as makeup artist Quinn Murphy told Huda Beauty, "If you have a stubborn lash that doesn't want to come off, use an oil-based cleanser or face oil and it'll do the trick."

Apply your chosen oil to two cotton pads and place them over your eyes, letting them soak for around 20 seconds (though you may need longer if you've used a lot of glue). That should help to dissolve the glue. Once you've allowed the oil to break down the glue, take the pads off your eyes and use your fingers to remove the freed lashes. "Gently pull them out with your finger," Murphy recommended. Once again though, just remember to give your hands a good wash before putting them anywhere near your eyes.

If you're planning to use your lashes again though, you'll need to be super careful with this step. After soaking the lashes in oil, make sure you clean them properly before applying them to your eye area again.

Or the microfibre towel technique may work best for you

Another way to remove individual false eyelashes at home could be by using a microfiber towel to help the process along. Begin by rinsing the towel with warm water, then place it over your eyes until the towel starts to feel cool. Repeat the process up to four more times, wetting the cloth with warm water each time and gently pressing it against the eyes. The warm water (make sure it's not too hot, as the eye area can be pretty sensitive!) and the steam it produces should help to dissolve the eyelash glue on the eye, making it much easier to remove your lashes.

The reason you want to do this using a microfiber towel over a normal towel is that a microfiber towel is less likely to damage your natural lashes. Dr. Ava Shamban, founder of Ava MD Dermatology and The Box by Dr. Ava, explained to Byrdie that microfiber towels don't cause the same friction when coming into contact with your hair as standard towels do. That means they won't pull at your natural lashes in the same way, so it's less likely to cause breakages. And that's particularly great if you have brittle or damaged lashes.

While a makeup wipe could also do the trick

If you prefer to take off your makeup using makeup wipes, they could very well work her to take off your lashes too. Makeup artist Kira Nasrat explained to Huda Beauty that she likes to use a makeup wipe to take her individual lashes off, recommending that those following her technique remove the rest of their makeup with a wipe first before getting to their lashes.

"I use a separate towelette to gently take off the lashes by applying it to my lashes and allowing the glue to break down. This way they come off easily and you're not pulling your own lashes off with it," she explained. Depending on how much lash glue you used and the strength of it, that may mean holding the makeup wipe to your eye area for around 20 seconds or more before attempting to remove your individual lashes. 

It's also important to remember to never rub too harshly over the eye area, as this can cause irritation. If you find yourself having to rub around the eye, leave the wipe to soak a little longer, or try one of the other techniques on our list which may be better suited to your lashes.