The We're Just Talking Gift Guide: What To Get Them If You're Not Dating Yet

The holidays are a perfect time for gift-giving, and that includes your significant other. The conundrum arises when you want to give a gift to that new, special person in your life, even if you're in the "we're just talking" phase of the relationship. That brand new era of the relationship is such an exciting one; it's full of possibility, hope, and a bit of nerves too, thanks to the budding state of the relationship. Hopefully, you've gone on some epic, and even unconventional, first dates and feel that there's something there

You want to strike a balance with gift-giving during this phase; the gift should be something thoughtful, but if you've only just started dating, you only have so much material to work with. You don't want to get something too romantic, lest the intensity of the gift overshoot where you're both at. Even with gifting, it's all about embracing that new relationship energy while being realistic. We've sourced several gift ideas that are not only appropriate, but also thoughtful when you're in this tender relationship stage. 

Customize something with their initial

Getting a gift that's customized is always a thoughtful way of showing your significant other that you put some effort into their present. But it's a safe bet too, because it doesn't require too much intimacy. In a brand new relationship, or pre-relationship, you don't necessarily have tons of information to work with, but you at least know their name. An initial necklace, like the Willow Disc Initial Necklace from Oak and Luna for $100 is a great example of how to give something thoughtful but small. 

If your new significant other doesn't seem like a big jewelry person, Mark & Graham makes the most beautiful leather pouches that feature a customizable monogram. The brand also offers a vegan pouch if your crush would be more comfortable with that choice. 

Adopt a bison for your SO

No, a full-size bison will not show up at your partner's door. The World Wildlife Fund has a brilliant gift idea that's perfect for a new relationship. You can symbolically adopt an animal for your crush. For $60, you can send them an Adoption kit, that comes with a photograph of the animal, an adoption certificate, a plush toy (cute!), and a reusable gift bag. Best of all, the WWF has all sorts of options. You can adopt a Flamingo chick, a tiger, an Orca, and even a bee! You can also use this as an opportunity for some conversation topics, to find out what their favorite animal is. 

Use their zodiac sign as inspiration

You and your new sweetheart may have swapped zodiac signs at this point. For instance, maybe you know that you're dating a Gemini, so you're preparing for the good and bad that comes with that sign. Using their zodiac sign as a guide for gift giving is a great idea because it's customizable and intimate, but you don't need too much information to get the gift. Best of all, there are tons of gender-neutral, super thoughtful gifts that you can give. Baked by Melissa offers customizable, zodiac cupcake packs to give to your sweet-toothed honey. Papier makes the most beautiful hardcover notebook with a zodiac sign on the cover.

Give them a DIY kit

Give your new beau the fun of making something themselves. Encourage their inner child to have some fun by gifting them a Llama Crochet Kit from The Woobles. It's an easy DIY kit for beginners, so they don't need to worry about being a pro. If you've noticed that food is a passion of theirs, give them a ravioli-making kit from Williams Sonoma; you can even make it together for a romantic night in. If pasta's not your thing, Uncommon Goods has a Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit that's sure to spice up your special person's favorite meals. 

Give them a long-distance friendship lamp

If you and your new crush live far apart, special friendship lamps could be a really special gift. The lamps come in sets of two; you keep one lamp and give the other to your significant other. When you touch your lamp, their lamp lights up and it's a cozy way to remind them that you're thinking of them. Luvlink has two Modern Home Lamps that are extra adorable. You can even use the app to brighten up their lamp when you're away from yours. Uncommon Goods also sells a set of two, wooden friendship lamps that offer an in-synch way to keep things bright. 

Give your coffee-lover everything they could dream of

If you're dating a coffee drinker, you have an easy way of making their holidays extra special. Give them a coffee kit that they're sure to enjoy. If you want to give a more luxurious gift, get them the Bialetti Moka Dolce & Gabbana 3-Cup + 1 Irresistible Coffee Tin Gift Set from Williams Sonoma. They'll be making their coffee in style! Bean Box offers a World Coffee Tour that features 12 different coffee flavors from important coffee regions. Nguyen Coffee Supply sells the Original Phin Kit, which includes one bag of coffee and the Phin filter. 

Keep them cozy with a gift

There's nothing like the gift of warmth through colder winter months, so give your sweetie something cozy. The MoMA Design Store sells the Dusen Dusen Striped Bathrobe that's extremely stylish and perfect for anyone. If stripes are too bold a choice, Brooklinen features a white, super-plush robe that's sure to keep your boo very snug. If you want to gift them some slippers, Bombas has some amazing Gripper Slippers with double cushioning. They've got gorgeous options for women, and comfortable, durable options for men. 

Deliver their favorite food

Food is the way to anyone's heart, and having something special delivered to your new romance is a great way to send something thoughtful. Food delivery companies like Goldbelly offer you the chance to ship regional food as an extra special gift. You can order anything from the famous Brooklyn Blackout Cake to the Prestige Green Macarons from Ladurée Paris. If your crush is a carnivore, send them the 5 Nights of Comfort Meals from Omaha Steaks. Whatever their taste, there's a way to deliver them their favorite food!