Linen Blonde Is The Chic Way To Do Light Hair This Winter

As we bid farewell to autumn 2023 and hello to winter 2023/2024, we're saying goodbye to some hair trends and hello to others. One of the biggies we're welcoming with opening arms as the weather turns colder? Linen blonde locks. While many people tend to darken their hair as we head into the winter, this season, the experts are expecting the big hair color of the moment will actually see some people going lighter.

Unsure about exactly what linen blonde hair is? Then allow an expert to explain. "Linen blonde is a neutral blonde that, unlike platinum or icy blonde, is much easier to care for and kinder to strands if you work it in properly," hairstylist Tim Mathé explained to Glamour UK. Mathé explained that the color gets its name from, you guessed it, the material of the same name. "[That's] why the base is a beige undertone that can be complemented with powdery, creamy, or taupe hues. Much like the fabric fibers, this allows you to work with sometimes lighter and sometimes darker accents for more depth," he explained. So, think less yellow, golden blonde and more of a cool, beige kind of blonde.

Why linen blonde is such a winning winter shade

The reason linen blonde is expected to be all over the place this winter is because 2023 has been so much about the quiet luxury aesthetic. Linen is a material that really fits in with the look we've heard so much about, and it seems to have finally made its way into our hair color as we see out the year. As John Frieda creative stylist Michael Gray explained to Metro, linen blonde is about "soft, creamy shades, natural and slightly cooler in tone, that resemble your favorite beige linen outfit." So it's an ideal accompaniment to a quiet luxury style.

Adina Pignatare, senior stylist and colorist, also linked the emergence of the trend to the vanilla girl aesthetic you've also probably seen on TikTok. "It's characterized as being quite soft, understated, and chic, much like the clothing material," he explained to Byrdie. "People want natural. An effortless look, but not [too] lived-in. I think super ashy blonde is out and people are seeking more neutral/natural tones."

We love this look for winter because it gives off a somewhat icy vibe without going too far. While super yellow golden locks are generally more summery and ice blonde is harder to pull off, linen blonde occupies a great middle ground. As Min Kim, a celebrity colorist, balayage expert, and L'Oréal Professionnel global ambassador, put it, "Its universal appeal lies in its ability to [complement] both warm and cool undertones."

How to get and maintain linen blonde hair

One of the other reasons we think linen blonde is such a winter winner is because it's so versatile. Tim Mathé explained to Glamour UK that because the spectrum of what counts as linen hair is so broad, your hairstylist has the ability to adapt it to your wants and needs. As for what to ask for when you head to the salon? Min Kim told Byrdie that there are a few keywords to remember when communicating your ideal shade. "Ask for a blend of cool, taupe, and beige tones that complement your skin's undertones. Aim for a multidimensional effect with a seamless transition between shades to achieve a natural-looking result," Kim said, also recommending taking photos with you to properly demonstrate your end goal.

But remember that once you've made the transition, there's still some work to do to keep the look fresh. You'll want to make sure you give your hair a regular deep condition to keep it hydrated (going blonde is notorious for drying out the hair, after all). Equally, you'll want to head back to the salon around every six or eight weeks to keep the color fresh, according to Min. Mathé also had some advice on keeping the shade looking its best, sharing, "Use colour care shampoos or masks that gently refresh the beige once a week or as needed when the shade changes to yellow."