The Zodiac Signs That Are True Romantics At Heart

Modern love has us rethinking almost everything — our best angle to be photographed at, the perfect answer to a Hinge prompt, or the right drink to order on a first date. In recent years, a new marker for romance has entered the playing field: Zodiac signs. According to Indastro, certain kinds of zodiac signs receive and give love differently, making each sign's romantic attempts uniquely different. And while you may have unlocked the ultimate guide to zodiac compatibility, knowing which signs can meet your needs is equally as important.


For example, Aries are adventurous romantics, which means they likely require a partner who can challenge them to take up new adventures. On the other hand, signs such as Taurus, Leo, and Sagittarius believe in a more realistic and traditional idea of love, meaning they expect consistency, commitment, and reciprocity. There are no rules set in stone for each zodiac sign and their most compatible partner, but knowing which traits to look out for can help your dating life immensely. Whether you're single and ready to mingle or already have someone in mind whose astrological synastry you're trying to uncover, we've got answers for you. Let's get started.


There's no denying that Cancers are notably the most emotional zodiac sign. Water signs — which include Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are characterized as family-oriented, emotional, and empathetic (aka the perfect formula for romance). Cancers are especially ruled by their emotions, leading with their heart long before their head. Cancers are likely willing to give their all, romanticize most everything, and can often get hurt in the process. Per Vogue India, Cancers are not one to turn away from overfamiliarity, but instead use it to foster love.


Water signs, but especially Cancers, pair well with Tauruses. Tauruses are able to complement Cancers by accepting their introverted nature, balancing out emotion with logic, and learning from a Cancer's emotional and mental maturity. Cancers can be shy first, avoid conflict, and struggle with communication, but the love is just as strong. They're perceptive to others' emotions, quick to apologize, and intent listeners. Once they decide that you're worth keeping around, you won't doubt your place in a Cancer's life.


Scorpios are known to jump head-first into romance, often without thinking twice about it. They love intimacy, but aren't quick to trust someone new. Rather than chasing romance, Scorpios are usually after the intense feeling of lust rather than the longevity of love. Once they decide that they're dedicated to a cause, however, they won't waste any time conversing in small talk. A Scorpio will ask you about your passions, fears, and curiosities, making a note of it to remember later.


According to Vogue UK, Scorpios have a great relationship with Leos. Scorpios and Leos are deeply loyal to their circle, whether their friends or the person they're dating. While Leos needs a lot of love and attention in romantic relationships, Scorpios offer a deep sense of loyalty and attention to detail. For intuitive and emotional Scorpios, Pisces can offer more emotional maturity and compassion to their partner. Similarly, Scorpio and Taurus often make a perfect pair because of their shared stubbornness and distinctly different levels of patience.


The most hopeless of all romantics: Pisces. Ruled by its Jupiter placement, a Pisces typically finds the idea of being in love as more ideal than the actual thing. Pisces spend a lot of time daydreaming about love, so the end result has got to match their ideals. According to Astrostyle, water signs will fall in love quickly and become dedicated partners. If you're not able to meet these emotional needs, a Pisces may decide to find someone who is as kind and understanding as they are.


For Pisces, Virgos are typically a perfect match. Earth signs — which include Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn — are grounded in reality and have a holistic understanding of their emotions. When a Pisces feels overwhelmed, a Virgo can calm them down with ease. In addition to Virgos, Scorpio and Sagittarius signs can also be a good match. Much like Pisces, Scorpios also experience intense emotions and could use their intuition to connect deeply with Pisces. Sagittarius, which is also ruled by the planet Jupiter, may connect with Pisces on their ambitious plans for the future.


Aquarius signs are some of the most selective of the zodiac placements, which means whoever they choose will have to live up to their high expectations. Per Vogue UK, they're not ones to spend time with someone just for the sake of it, but rather someone who has interesting things to say and challenges them intellectually. It takes a patient partner with a willingness to wait for an Aquarius to settle into the relationship before they form a healthy and fulfilling relationship. However, you'll never regret having a single conversation with an Aquarius.


For an Aquarius, Leos are an excellent partner. Leo is the astrological opposite of Aquarius, which means they can fill in the emotional gaps where an Aquarius can't. Leos wear their hearts on their sleeve in romantic relationships, hopefully helping a non-committal Aquarius ease into a new relationship. These traits can also apply to Taurus placements, whose calmness and patience can be an aid to an Aquarius partner.


Virgos are one of the most unexpected yet truly romantic signs. They're cautious and conscious lovers, often because their sacred circle has been carefully curated. Virgos are led by logic and straightforwardness, meaning they know their worth and demand more out of the people around them. Similarly, they can also be extremely critical perfectionists about their own work, which leaves them in a state of constant dissatisfaction. For that reason, a Pisces, Gemini, or Capricorn are great partners for a Virgo.


According to professional astrologer Desiree Roby Antila, words of affirmation need to be a Virgo partner's love language. "These angels tend to be hardest on themselves, so [Virgo] needs genuine praise from their significant other," she explained to StyleCaster. Still, each astrological pair to a Virgo stimulates their brain in different ways. A Pisces can keep a Virgo emotionally fulfilled, while a Gemini can challenge a Virgo intellectually. A Capricorn can match Virgo's ambition and will find joy in watching them meet their goals.