How To Use July's Full Buck Moon As An Opportunity To Grow And Reflect

If a good night's sleep has been elusive, or if things have been feeling more intense than usual these last few days, the moon cycle may have something to do with it. According to Earth Sky, within the next three months, we will witness four supermoons in a row where the celestial body becomes full while it is at its closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit. The first in this series of supermoons occurs on July 3 at 7:39 a.m. (Eastern Daylight Time). 

Called the Full Buck Moon, the Old Farmer's Almanac explains that this astrological event got its name based on an annual occurrence: Bucks or male deer would cast off their old antlers every year to sprout bigger, more impressive ones, and the new sets would reach the peak of their growth in July. 

It is a very apt visual for this astrological transit since full moons are periods of illumination. Whatever plans we have set in motion during a new moon come to fruition by the time its corresponding full moon happens around six months later. The moonlight then shows us if we have done sufficient work to realize our intentions. What the full moon unveils can either bring us closure or push long-standing issues to a head. Rather than a time for manifestation, it is the culmination of a cycle — the harvest period for the seeds we have planted and either nurtured or neglected. 

What we want versus what we need

The theme of rebirth from death, symbolized by the male deer's shedding and regrowing of antlers, makes the Full Buck Moon meaningful especially since it will happen in Capricorn, a sign that is not afraid to put in the work. Meaningful doesn't mean easy, however.

A full moon happens whenever the sun and the moon are directly opposite each other in the sky. Through the lens of astrology, this explains why we feel a heightened tension between what we want (our Sun sign) and what we need (our Moon sign) whenever the moon hangs full. The discomfort can trigger us to act in unexpected ways, thus the common superstition about full moons causing people to go into "lunacy." In fact, a 2017 study discovered that as many as 81 percent of mental health professionals can cite anecdotal evidence linking it to illness.

This Full Buck Moon in Capricorn occurs just as the Sun is in Cancer. Both signs value the security that comes from having roots, though their respective approaches are different. The earthy, Saturn-ruled Goat wants to build a legacy whereas the water-bound, moon-ruled Crab is driven to protect the home and its emotional safety. As a result, you may be pulled in two directions: One where you feel the need to achieve results and another where you want to pause and honor your feelings and fears. Finding the balance between is necessary so that one's regrowth is built on a stable foundation.

How will the Full Buck Moon affect you?

All signs will feel the effects of this Full Buck Moon, though it will depend on where Capricorn and Cancer fall in their charts. Checking these will reveal the areas where the tension between the signs will intensify during this transit. 

However, cardinal signs will experience it more starkly. Aries ascendants have Capricorn in their 10th house, meaning they would have to weigh the direction of their careers and professional reputations. Are these still aligned with their inner purpose? A first-house Cancer, meanwhile, will find their Capricorn-ruled seventh house of one-on-one relationships illuminated by the supermoon's light, compelling them to reflect on how they have been showing up for their partner. For those with Libra in the first house, their home, both literal and figurative, will be the focus: Have they been able to establish a domestic space that is also a refuge from the outside world? Finally, Capricorn ascendants will be called to shine a light on whether they have been showing up for themselves and their dreams, or if they have put too much focus on their relationships. 

As the moon looms larger and brighter on July 3, the things it will bring to light could feel uncomfortable or even distressing. However, instead of making knee-jerk reactions to temporarily relieve the discomfort, we're called to make a thoughtful response. How do we build on what we have begun to grow? Let the Full Buck Moon's glow show the way forward.