Surviving Work When You Went A Bit Too Hard On Sunday Funday

Imagine this: Your alarm clock rings at 8 a.m., and it's time for you to get ready for work. You realize from the pounding in your head that you drank more than you anticipated last night, and you're not sure how to survive the day ahead. Even though it may feel like you're knocking at death's door, don't worry – you're not dying, you're just not 21 anymore.

Hangovers are common, and work hangovers even more. Believe it or not, over 75% of the U.S. population admits to going to work hungover, according to Delphi Behavioral Health Group. Before you figure out how to survive the rest of your day, admit to yourself this: it's okay. While making a habit of this isn't healthy, and it's important to be conscious of how much you imbibe, sometimes it's okay to let yourself go guilt-free — especially if you're celebrating a big accomplishment, spending time with long-distance friends, or enjoying a long holiday weekend with loved ones.

Fretting over how much you drank last night won't do anything to make today better, and the reality is there's no foolproof hangover cure. There are, however, ways to refocus your mind and help relieve some of the symptoms you woke up with. Let's get to work.

Start the day with a shower

Starting your hangover recovery with a hot shower can instantly make you feel better, thanks to the fact that it can boost your circulation and rid your body of toxins, per The Healthy. If you're up for a challenge, try spending the last 30 seconds of your shower in cold water, as cold showers have a lot of benefits that can help reinvigorate you. Taking a shower will also rid you of the remaining sweat, makeup, and glitter from the night before, giving you an ounce of refreshment before you take on your first assignment of the day.

It may be beneficial to do an "everything shower," if your energy permits you. In addition to washing your body, face, and hair, an everything shower includes little add-ons to help give an extra boost of self-care to your routine. This looks different for everyone but may include applying a face mask, exfoliating, shaving, a foot scrub, or a deep conditioning hair treatment. According to licensed esthetician Hayley Wood, "The everything shower is not just making sure you are fully groomed but rather a reset to the mind, body, spirit," she explained to CNN. "It's about taking that extra bit of time to fully transform into the version of yourself you deserve to be." If you're not too beat down by last night, an everything shower can make you feel better prepared to start the work week.

Drink a glass of water before coffee

While coffee can offer a temporary pick-me-up after a night out, hydrating your body comes first. If you're waiting for your coffee to brew, fill a glass up with ice-cold water and chug it down before engaging with any other drinks (Pedialyte, Gatorade, etc. included). Because alcohol is incredibly dehydrating, your body will thank you for that extra boost of hydration, and you'll likely feel inspired to drink more water alongside your morning or afternoon latte.

More importantly, don't drink more alcohol. Young people will say that drinking while hungover cures the worst of its symptoms, but it is incredibly damaging to try and cure a hangover through more alcohol consumption. The first few hours of the day will be tough to get through, but you'll be grateful later on that you didn't use alcohol to temporarily balance out your symptoms. Plus, whether you work from home or you're working in person, it's not the best look to show up buzzed — and this goes double if you have to drive to work. We can never emphasize enough how dangerous it is to drive under the influence.

Take a 15 minute nature stroll to reflect and move forward

Whether it's before work or during your lunch break, a simple 15-minute walk can help with headaches, hangover anxiety, nausea, and so much more. The reason for this, physical therapist Dr. Stephen Clark explained to Well+Good, is that moving your muscles will help your lymphatic system clear out any toxins. If you find the chance, lace up your running shoes and step outside for a bit of healing fresh air (if the weather permits). You can also carry your water bottle with you, or incorporate a hydrating, non-alcoholic beverage into your walk by stopping at a local cafe. We recommend a lemonade, seltzer, or any other iced and water-based drink.

Your walk can be an opportunity to reflect on last night, forgive yourself, and establish some new ways you want to treat Sunday fundays. Going out can be super fun and rewarding, especially in preparation for a long work week — but the morning after can be gruesome, and we don't want you feeling this way every Monday. Some examples of establishing boundaries could include limiting yourself to two drinks, chugging water before bed, or saying no to Sunday invites and staying in for the night. You can also use these nature strolls to identify the beauty in your neighborhood or workplace, noting what you can see, hear, and smell.

Schedule tasks efficiently, but not overwhelmingly

Unfortunately, we have to address the elephant in the room: if you're going to be at work, you're going to have to actually work. For some, Mondays are intentionally organized with easy tasks, like scheduling a meeting that's later in the week or sending out an email to your coworkers. If you're able to organize your own schedule, we recommend assigning yourself easy housekeeping tasks that won't take up too much of your time or brain space. While something more detailed may be assigned to you out of the blue, you'll focus better knowing it's the hardest task of the day.

On the other hand, some people find it easier to cure a hangover by focusing on something bigger. By all means, feel free to jump into that project if it means paying less attention to your headache. You may be surprised how pouring yourself into a task can ease some effects of a hangover (you know, that urgent desire to rot). Keep in mind, however, that it's sometimes best to work smarter, not harder. If you listen to what your body needs, you'll be thankful in the long run.

Have a protein and carb-centered meal at lunch

Whether you're picking up a meal or making it at home, it's best to focus on an intake of protein and carbs, per The Cut. It's important to be strategic about our hangover foods because they can help shape our day in the best or worst way. Rather than something simple, like salad, or greasy, like fried chicken, an egg sandwich with a meat of your choice might be your best way to go — it's easy, delicious, and not too filling.

Above all, make sure you eat something substantial, rather than offering your body small increments of food. The right foods can offer you the energy to finish that last meeting of the day or wrap up an assignment you'd otherwise put off until tomorrow. Much like how alcohol can make us feel lethargic and nauseous, nutritious foods and beverages can bring us back to life. Once you make it through the workday, you can rest by drinking tea, watching your favorite movie, or taking a nap. We know you'll feel better in the morning.