Can People See If You Screenshot Their Instagram Story?

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Can People See If You Screenshot Their Instagram Story?

We all know that Snapchat notifies people if you screenshot their message and Instagram doesn't notify someone if you screenshot their post. But with new Instagram Stories being utilized more and more often, many of us are wondering: can people see if you screenshot their Instagram story?

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Can People See If You Screenshot Their Instagram Story?

Well, for those of you who may have inadvertently taken a screenshot of a friend's story without thinking, and then stressed that they'd get notified of your screenshot - lucky for you, the answer is NO. Currently, you can screenshot stories and public Instagram posts without Instagram notifying someone of your screenshot. Instagram does not alert people if you screenshot their Instagram Story.

That being said, Instagram does notify someone if you screenshot a direct message - just as Snapchat does. The idea here is if something is shared to the general public on Instagram, it deserves different treatment than if it is privately and directly messaged to an individual.

Makes sense, right?

There have been tons of rumors swirling around that Instagram is updating these features and soon anyone will be able to know whether or not you screenshot their Instagram Story or any Instagram post.

But don't worry, for now, you're safe! You can screenshot Instagram stories and screenshot Instagram Posts without alerting the individual who posted them. So for now, keep on insta-ing, everyone!

Also, if you have more unanswered Instagram questions you can always go directly to the source for answers by going to Instagram's Help Center.

What images are you screenshotting the most? Let us know if the comments below!

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