Quiz: You're A True Film Buff If You Can Score 25/25 On This Character Quiz

movies, Goodfellas, 1990, lorraine bracco, AMC
Warner Bros.

Are you feelin' lucky?

If you're a true movie buff who loves classic films, we challenge you to name all of these memorable characters!

 Nov 20, 2019

1 of 25Mammy

movies, gone with the wind, 1939, hattie mcdaniel as mammy
MGM Studios
The Searchers
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Gone With the Wind

2 of 25George Bailey

It's a Wonderful Life, movies/tv
Warner Bros. Pictures
It's a Wonderful Life
Some Like It Hot
All About Eve

3 of 25Norman Bates

Psycho, 50s movies, 50, norman bates, scary, scared, movies/tv
Paramount Pictures
Rear Window

4 of 25Dorothy Gale

movies, the wizard of oz, 1939, judy garland as dorothy
MGM Studios
Meet Me In St. Louis
Singin' in the Rain
The Wizard of Oz

5 of 25Don Lockwood

Singin' In The Rain, Gene Kelly, movies/tv
MGM Studios
My Fair Lady
Singin' in the Rain
All About Eve

6 of 25Margo Channing

movies, celebs, All About Eve, Bette Davis
Warner Bros.
All About Eve
The Seven Year Itch
Some Like It Hot

7 of 25Bert

Mary Poppins, movie characters quiz, movies
Buena Vista Distribution
Mary Poppins
The Birds
A Streetcar Named Desire

8 of 25Jan Morrow

movies, doris day, the thrill of it all
Universal Pictures
Gone With the Wind
Rear Window
Pillow Talk

9 of 25Mrs. Castevet

Rosemary's Baby, movie characters quiz, movies
Paramount Pictures
It's a Wonderful Life
Rosemary's Baby
Risky Business

10 of 25Atticus Finch

movie characters quiz, movies, to kill a mockingbird
Universal Pictures
12 Angry Men
To Kill a Mockingbird
Cool Hand Luke

11 of 25Maria

West Side Story, movie characters quiz, movies
United Artists
West Side Story
Rebel Without a Cause
A Place in the Sun

12 of 25Captain Von Trapp

The Sound of Music, movie characters quiz, movies
Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
The Sound of Music
On the Waterfront

13 of 25Professor Henry Higgins

My Fair Lady, movie characters quiz, movies
Warner Bros. Pictures
My Fair Lady
Touch of Evil
Dial M for Murder

14 of 25Holly Golightly

breakfast at tiffany's, movie characters quiz, movies
Paramount Pictures
Kiss Me Deadly
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Strangers on a Train

15 of 25Kay Adams

movies, The Godfather, 1972, diane keaton as kay adams
Paramount Pictures
The Exorcist
Steel Magnolias
The Godfather

16 of 25Jake Gittes

chinatown, movie characters quiz, movies
Paramount Pictures
The Shining
Taxi Driver

17 of 25Marty McFly

back to the future, movie characters quiz, movies
Universal Pictures
The Goonies
Back to the Future

18 of 25Tony Manero

saturday night fever, movie characters quiz, movies
Paramount Pictures
Saturday Night Fever

19 of 25John Bender

the breakfast club, movie characters quiz, movies
Universal Pictures
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink

20 of 25Indiana Jones

Raiders of the Lost Ark, movie characters quiz, movies
Paramount Pictures
The Princess Bride
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Risky Business

21 of 25Rooster Cogburn

True Grit, best actor, movies
Paramount Pictures
True Grit
The Shootist
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

22 of 25Johnny Castle

movies, Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze, 80s
Vestron Pictures
Back to the Future
Dirty Dancing

23 of 25Nurse Ratched

movies, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, 1975, louise fletcher as nurse ratched
United Artists
The Sting
Patch Adams
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

24 of 25Buttercup

the princess bride, movies
20th Century Fox
The Princess Bride
Dirty Dancing
Mary Poppins

25 of 25Axel Foley

beverly hills cop
Trading Places
Beverly Hills Cop
Coming to America
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If you're a classic movie lover, then we've got the perfect quiz for you! This quiz will test you on the most memorable movie characters, the most iconic movie characters, the beautiful, the powerful, the heroic, despicable, hilarious and/ or downright incredible characters who have ever graced the big screen. The best characters in film are those unforgettable, magnetic people who command the screen. They have spoken some of the most memorable quotes in movie history in ways fans have been trying to emulate ever since. They are famous movie characters that have inspired fan fiction and fan art, fashion, pop culture, and so much more. This quiz will cover popular movie characters that kids and adults alike aspire to be like. Simply put, they are the best characters ever. We all have our favorites when it comes to iconic movies, their characters, and more specifically, the actors who gave the character a real face. But just how well do you know the biggest roles to ever be cast in Hollywood? It's time to put your memory and movie knowledge to the test. We're going to show you a series of images featuring well-known fictional characters from films that came out in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. We are also going to provide you with the characters' names. All you need to do is match the characters to the movies they were featured in to pass. Sound like a fun time? Great! Hit the play button now and prove you're the biggest movie buff around. Good luck!