The Sexy Taylor Swift Songs That Belong In Your Hookup Playlist

If you're someone who only knows her hits from the radio, you may think Taylor Swift's songs are all about getting over her exes, or upbeat songs about having fun with friends. And you'd be forgiven for that assumption, because some of her biggest hits like "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" do fit that concept. But true Swifties know that the Grammy-winner's discography goes far deeper than that. Now in her thirties, Swift seems more comfortable than ever exploring her sensuality through music. On her albums "reputation," "Lover," "Midnights," and "The Tortured Poets Department" she doesn't shy away at all from this sultry side, with songs that explore secret rendezvous, intimate fantasies, and lustful thoughts.


In fact, we can say with confidence that some of these newer Swift songs absolutely deserve a place alongside the typical 2000s slow jams on a hookup playlist (Seriously!). But we're not just talking about songs that are explicitly about sex (though she does have a few of those if you dig deep enough). We're talking more tracks that exude a seductive and sexy nature, which are perfect for belting out while getting ready for a hot date that'll make you feel like the sex and oh-so-confident person you know you are.

Vigilante S**t

If you've been lucky enough to attend Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" in person or see it in theaters, you'll know exactly why we included the bold, cool, and confident, song "Vigilante S***" on our list. During her performance of the "Midnights" track, the star and her dancers perform a burlesque inspired dance on chairs, which includes Swift lowering herself down onto her seat with her legs split on either side. Yeah, it's as hot as it sounds. And this song is totally perfect for such sultry moves. Not only are the slow, pulsing beats perfect for getting in a sensual mood, but Swift taps into her slightly deeper register for a super sexy vibe.


Lyrically, we're not going to call this song a love song. In fact, it's pretty far from it. The track is all about girl power and tells the story of a woman who gets revenge on a man after discovering he was married during their tryst. The woman even threatens to tell the man's wife about what had been going on behind her back. The empowering lyrics may not exactly set up an intimate date night with gushing phrases about love, but it certainly stirs up one of the sexiest feelings out there — confidence.

Guilty As Sin

Sound the wolf whistles, because Taylor Swift gets super sexy on "The Tortured Poets Department's "Guilty As Sin?" The erotic song details how she's longing for a lover and imagining them in some temperature-spiking scenarios. "My bedsheets are ablaze/I've screamed his name/Building up like waves," she sings at one point in the song. She also croons, "These fatal fantasies/Giving way to labored breath takin' all of me/We've already done it in my head." The descriptive lyrics are quite visceral and may be one of the few times we've seen Swift not hide her appreciation for self-pleasure. The bad girl twist, though? Swift reveals she already in a relationship with someone else while she's fantasizing about another guy ... Whew! 


But even if you're not listening to the lyrics themselves, this track is still perfect for a hookup playlist, largely because of its slower pace. The mid-tempo song's beats are super seductive on their own and give us a super steamy vibe. Perfect to prep for those more intimate moments.

False God

"False God" is another of the ever on-trend Taylor Swift's hottest songs. Similar to "Guilty As Sin?", this mid-tempo track feels like it was meant to be played during a dimly-lit date night, but the difference here is that the "Lover" track has more of a bluesy, jazz vibe. The track begins with a saxophone solo (notably one of the sexiest instruments out there) and gives us a passionate beat throughout that wouldn't sound out of place on a slower R&B or jazz song.


Then there's the way TayTay actually sings the song. She serves us breathy vocals throughout that are totally tantalizing, slowly reciting the words to intrigue and excite us. And then, of course, there's the lyrics themselves. There's no denying the words are steamy, as Swift likens her and her partner's bodies to religion she can't give up. "Religion's in your lips/Even if it's a false god/We'd still worship/We might just get away with it/The altar is my hips/Even if it's a false god/We'd still worship this love," she sings. Hot!


Another "Reputation" song we had to include in our list is the oh-so seductive "Dress." One of the most obviously hookup-appropriate things about this song has to be the lyrics, as LGBTQ+ ally Taylor Swift gets very candid about wanting to get between the sheets. "I don't want you like a best friend/Only bought this dress so you could take it off/Take it off/Carve your name into my bedpost/'Cause I don't want you like a best friend," she sings. See, we told you this one was risqué! She also sings it one of the most breathy ways we've ever seen from her, even repeating a "Ah, ah, ah!" that's so sexy.


The musicality of the song mirrors that too. The track is another mid-tempo track from the former country star, but it features a beat at certain parts that's not too dissimilar to a heartbeat. During the chorus, there's a quicker, rapid beat which we think may be inspired by the way our hearts beat faster when they're excited or the butterflies we feel in our stomach when falling in love. But Swift plays with us by taking that away in the verses, before then ramping out own pulsating hearts back up again as the music reaches a crescendo.


Ready for another hot track from Taylor Swift? Because "Glitch," one of the "3am Edition" bonus tracks from the album is also a track that gives us total hookup playlist vibes. Swift also gives us those breathy, almost wispy, vocals she does so well here, while the musicality is literally as if the song has a glitch or there's TV static running in the background (you know, while the people watching it are doing other things). This is another song where Swift leans on a slight R&B influence and slower, slinky vocals, which'll get you in the mood for feeling super sexy — no matter what the night may bring. Swift also exudes confidence while singing it as she plays with her vocal style, which is why it fits so perfectly onto our list.


Lyrically, the song itself is about how she planned to just stay friends with a guy, but ended up falling in love with him. So it's fair to say the track is a love song, but with an overtone of a more casual relationship turning into something much more (a romance of 2,190 days, to be exact). Clearly, whether you're looking for a hookup that lasts just as many days, a casual romance, or just a night alone, there's no doubting Taylor Swift has a song for that.