5 Outdated Jewelry Trends You Won't Want To Be Caught Wearing In 2024

Although certain staple pieces will forever be timeless, other jewelry trends are not meant to last forever. Sometimes, they're time capsules for a certain period — like the y2k furry pieces that covered our outfits in the y2k, or the bib necklaces that scream 2010s. Now, as we enter 2024, we've seen an entirely new style of jewelry trends emerge, which means that what was once cool for the early 2020s is becoming passe. 


As much as jewelry can be a very personal thing for some people, it's also a major component in the fashion world. While there will always be those who don't care about what's in style and what isn't, for those who do and want to make sure they're en vogue, it's important to stay informed. The best way to do that is to make a mental note of outdated jewelry trends and stay as far away from them as possible.

Rose gold

Let's be honest: Rose gold has been on its way out for a while. As much as it was everywhere in the 2010s — even Apple has a rose gold iPhone –  like Millennial pink, the hue has now become passe. "There's an almost ironic feeling to saying that t he sun is setting on the dominance of rose gold, but every trend must come to an end (at least for a while)," personal and celebrity stylist Patrick Kenger tells Business Insider. As for what we're replacing it with? According to Gen-Z, swapping with futuristic silver is the move. 


Dainty jewelry

For the past few years, dainty, layer-able jewelry has been pretty much everywhere. What was so great about it was that whether you had it on your wrists, fingers, around your neck, or even on your ear, you could create the perfect eye-catching stack. We all did it and we all loved it. But, according to fashion experts, those dainty pieces need to be shelved.


"I would put so much effort into creating the perfect stack that hit at different lengths but lately, I've been going into a totally new direction with my jewelry," editor Anna Laplaca tells WhoWhatWear. "I have a fewer, but better mentality when it comes to necklaces and rings and a single chunky chain-link necklace or sculptural statement ring is all I wear to complete an outfit."

Logo jewelry

Thanks to "Succession," we all became very familiar with the art of quiet luxury. "Quiet luxury is a new term, but this emphasis on timelessness and minimalism is an integral part of French women's lifestyle," fashion expert Sophie Hersan tells InStyle.


The way the HBO series dressed the billionaire characters really showcased the difference between old money and new money. The 1% have no interest in showing off their wealth, because they have nothing to prove. So in keeping with quiet luxury and stealth wealth, logo jewelry is definitely over. This doesn't mean you can't wear your designer pieces, but, if you want to be on trend, opt for subtle designs that don't turn your look into a walking advertisement. 

Fleeting, trendy pieces

We get it: trendy pieces are a lot of fun. But at the end of the day, they're a waste of money. How many of us still have an owl necklace we haven't used in years? In contrast to the big, colorful, fleeting, and often plastic jewelry we've seen, 2024 is about going back to basics. "Simple, classic designs like hoop earrings, diamond studs, diamond bangles, line bracelets, and diamond or gemstone solitaire pendants are the little black dresses of the jewelry department," celebrity stylist and fashion editor Nolan Meader tells Business Insider, "always chic and appropriate." 


Investment pieces are always a good idea. A vintage Rolex or tennis bracelet never goes out of style and rarely depreciates — in some cases, these things even become more valuable with time.

Matching metals

For far too long, many of us have kept to the belief that you need to stick with just one metal when it came to wearing jewelry. If you were going for gold earrings, you better make sure your necklace is the same shade. How boring! Good thing that trend is kaput. 


"We're seeing the fashion industry really embrace the idea that mixing metals can create a dynamic and stylish look," jewelry expert Emily Shultz tells PureWow. "The blend of warm and cool tones complements a range of outfits, plus it creates an endless amount of stacking and layering options." It also looks really cool, to boot.