30 LGBTQ+-Owned Fashion Brands To Support During Pride Month & Beyond

Supporting LGBTQ+-owned brands is a great way to show your support to the community. With so many issues constantly popping up in the political world, the best way to continue showing support to members of the LGBTQ+ community is by supporting their various businesses. If fashion is already something you absolutely adore, purchasing items from LGBTQ+-owned fashion brands can become a simple act of positivity you add to your routine. 


Some of these fashion brands specialize in comfortable underwear for transgender individuals. Others focus on creating comfortable socks in colorful patterns that make bold statements. Some lines are filled with pieces you'd see models wearing while walking down runways in London, Paris, and Milan. Others have options that are ideal for everyday individuals who want to wear gender-affirming clothes. You should be supporting LGBTQ+-owned fashion brands and other businesses year-round, and Pride month is a great time to start.

Christopher John Rogers by Christopher John Rogers

You're not alone if you're curious to know more about Christopher John Rogers's fashion line. The founder (who obviously named the brand after himself) is an American fashion designer based out of New York City. He was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but he knew he wanted to relocate in order to pursue his greatest aspirations. According to the brand's official Story page, Christopher John Rogers exists "to create emotional and sensitive clothing with a focus on effortful dressing, directed towards an individual with a strong sense of self."


Rogers has opened up about being a Black man who's also gay, and what his experience was like growing up in a family full of spiritual people. He described feeling shamed for his feminine mannerisms before learning that it made more sense to express himself instead of suppress himself. After teaching himself how to sew during his teenage years, he expanded on his creative talents with his brand into adulthood.

Automic Gold by Al Sandimirova

What's an outfit without the right piece of jewelry? Jewelry is such an important factor when it comes to curating a gorgeous look, especially for memorable experiences. You know your look is complete when you feel confident about your jewelry choices. With that in mind, Automic Gold is one of the most talked about and beloved jewelry lines in existence today. It was founded by jewelry designer, Al Sandimirova.


In 2016, the queer, non-binary, transgender activist realized it was about time to launch a jewelry business that was LGBTQ+ inclusive. The brand boasts about offering "radically wearable gold," and takes things a step further by being size inclusive for people of all body shapes and weights. To be more specific, there are plus-size items available in every collection. What makes the brand even more special is that all the gold used is handmade in their New York City studio, sourced ethically.

TomboyX by Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez

Consider shopping for swimwear and undergarments from TomboyX if you want to support a lesbian-owned brand with an abundance of wonderful items to choose from. Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez are a married couple who decided to launch TomboyX in 2013 as a team. Along with undergarments and swimwear, you'll also find active tops, bottoms, and other forms of apparel including loungewear, sleepwear, T-shirts, and tank tops.


Their compression collection is worth exploring with all of its adjustable and supportive options. Dunaway and Gonzalez were inspired to launch TomboyX for the simple purpose of creating nice underwear anyone could feel comfortable in, regardless of physical size or gender identity. From there, the brand expanded even further with many other available items to check out. Plenty of the items from the line are colorful and eccentric, while others are a little more neutral and low-key.

Telfar by Telfar Clemens

Telfar Clemens is the man behind Telfar, a clothing brand that appeals to folks who consider themselves to be genderless. Clemens opened up to Gay Times about why he launched the line explaining, "I was always attracted to the conceptual advantages that womenswear had over menswear, but growing up I wasn't allowed by my parents to wear or buy womenswear, so I started to make my own clothes — I wanted to make a line that was genderless and spoke to people like me."


Now, in his adulthood, he doesn't have to worry about the rules his parents set in place for him. Telfar was first launched in 2003 as a celebration of queerness and Black culture. The brand gives shoppers a chance to analyze the true definition of unisex clothing. Instead of forcing fashion to fit into the boxes of male vs. female, Telfar chooses to go beyond that. 

Brandon Blackwood by Brandon Blackwood

When you hear the name, Brandon Blackwood, the American fashion designer and businessman making waves in New York City should come to mind. His self-named fashion line might also ring a bell, though. Blackwood is mainly known for his designer handbags, but he also sells swimwear, shoes, and other showstopping accessories. His collection of stunning bags is certainly enough to garner attention from fashionistas around the globe with a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and prices.


If you're in search of a gold-plated hardware vanity purse, you'll find that. If you'd rather rock a bright orange everyday tote bag, you can find that too. Blackwood is openly gay and proud to speak up for what he believes in, including civil rights and the Black Lives Matter movement. His purses have been spotted on a wide range of famous people including Kekei Palmer, Kim Kardashian, and Saweetie.

Chromat by Becca McCharen-Tran

One queer-owned fashion line to get excited about these days is Chromat. It was founded in 2010 by a talented designer named Becca McCharen-Tran. If sustainability is something you genuinely care about, Chromat should be at the top of your list. The About Us section on their official website explains that all their clothing is produced in fair-wage factories that maintain safe and ethical practices. The swimwear itself is spun from plastic bottles and fishing nets that were pulled from the ocean.


Inclusivity is equally as much of a factor for Chromat. McCharen-Tran opened up about Chromat with Them saying, "The inclusivity you see on the Chromat runways isn't about filling a quota and it's not part of a marketing push. The people in our shows are our real friends and collaborators. I want to celebrate these inspirational women, femmes, and nonbinary babes using the platform we have."

Kirrin Finch by Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat

Brooklyn-based couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat founded Kirrin Finch with a significant goal in mind. They noticed a growing demand for gender-defying fashion and realized they wanted to make the most of it. The notion of women wearing men's clothing has existed in the shadows of fashion for many years, and this brand decided to bring more of that vibe to the surface.


A quick scroll through their site reveals loads of suits, button-down shirts, slacks, and shorts that appear to be traditionally geared toward men. What you don't notice at first glance is that all of these pieces are actually designed to comfortably fit the body types and shapes of women. The couple explained on their brand's official website that they spent time feeling envious of clothing in the men's section that never seemed to properly fit them. Instead of waiting around for something to change, they decided to be the change.

Dapper Boi by Vicky and Charisse Pasche

Vicky and Charisse Pasche are the co-founders of Dapper Boi. They started the brand in 2015, realizing they were capable of partnering up in both a romantic sense and a business sense. Now, the talented couple is focused on raising twin daughters while making sure Dapper Boi continues growing, evolving in the best possible direction. Their reason for starting Dapper Boi in the first place is understandable.


Vicky was growing tired of trying to shop for gender-neutral clothing that fit her body type in both men's and women's sections. They realized it made more sense to launch their own brand to perfectly suit their needs. Vicky and Charisse were willing to make major sacrifices for the success of Dapper Boi. One of their sacrifices was selling their four-bedroom home to downsize into a smaller, 630-square-foot apartment. Their efforts obviously paid off now that their brand is considered noteworthy in the eyes of so many customers.

Urbody by Mere Abrams and Anna Graham

Urbody is a trans queer woman-owned brand founded by Mere Abrams and Anna Graham; longtime friends who were ready to redefine what's considered normal in terms of gender and body types in the complex world of fashion. Abram (who uses they/them pronouns) and Graham (who uses she/her pronouns) were able to bring their varied thoughts together to come up with an incredible business idea.


Their company is tailored to fit the needs of people who care about wearing comfortable clothing. More specifically, they cater to gender non-conforming individuals, non-binary individuals, transgender individuals, and everyone else who doesn't care to worry about labels. Shopping for something as necessary as undergarments shouldn't lead you down a path of mental anguish, low self-esteem, or blows to your confidence. Unfortunately, plenty of people who don't conform to typical gender norms deal with these serious issues everyday. Urbody fights back against that.

The Peach Fuzz by Elizabeth Hudy

The Peach Fuzz is a brand created by activist and fashion designer Elizabeth Hudy. According to The Peach Fuzz's About Us page, Hudy's goal in creating The Peach Fuzz was to "make activism accessible and fun, giving you colorful ways to raise your voice and make participation in a movement as easy as putting a sticker on your water bottle." With that aspiration in mind, Hudy went way beyond stickers you can slap against the back of your laptop.


You'll also find bucket hats, tote bags, jewelry, and other trendy accessories. In terms of clothing you can wear on your body, Hudy designed shirts and hoodies for people who want to spread informative messages wherever they go. One of her popular shirts says "Help me, I'm dying" with an animated picture of planet Earth. Another sweatshirt available simply says, "Abortion is healthcare." A lot of her designs incorporate tons of color, tie-dye prints, and thought-provoking symbolism.

GC2B by Marli Washington

If you're interested in supporting a trans-owned business, GC2B is the fashion line for you. In 2015, Marli Washington took his keen eye for design and ran with it. After noticing how uncomfortable binding options were, he decided it was time to bring some serious change to the fashion industry. GC2B is recognized for selling top-of-the-line garments that can specifically be used for gender-affirming chest binding and more.


The reviews section on the official website is filled with people who absolutely adore the products. One happy customer wrote, "I can never find good binders because I have a comparatively small rib measurement to tit size and this binder literally changed my life. It was a funny endeavor trying to get it on but holy sh**, was it worth it." Along with binders, you'll also find tank tops, T-shirts, and other accessories such as fanny packs.

Aday by Meg He and Nina Faulhaber

Meg He and Nina Faulhaber are the cofounders of Aday. If you care about sustainability and minimalism, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Aday. Since the diverse team of LGBTQ+ designers works so hard to create fabulous clothing options for shoppers, it's not challenging to find tops, pants, pullovers, dresses, shorts, and more for just about anyone on their official site.


Aday's staff is, "... a small team, with ~90% female and ~40% BIPOC members, as well as LGBTQ+ and disabled team representation." Their About Us section states, "We crafted Aday through this lens: each piece is made to bring you joy. Every item is repeatedly tested for function and comfortable, fully machine washable, and designed with seasonless design details so you can be an outfit repeater with joy." The fact that so much of their mission is about bringing people happiness says a lot about who they are as a company.

Andie Swim by Melanie Travis

The founder of Andie Swim is Melanie Travis, who never shies away from conversations about the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, she spoke with Marie Claire about the way too many companies approach Pride month, and what she thinks things should change. She said, "If you really stand with the LGBTQ+ community, then have the rainbow up year-round. And if you have corporate giving strategies, make that part of your annual strategy."


For Travis, supporting the LGBTQ+ community is something that never stops. All the swimsuits you'll find available on her site are suitable for a wide range of individuals with different body shapes and sizes. They also come in a wide range of colors, providing something for everyone, depending on your comfort levels and how much skin you're willing to show while spending time at the pool or beach. Andie Swim is a brand that simply checks a lot of boxes.

Ouisa by Bryn Taylor

Bryn Taylor happens to be the founder of the LGBTQ+-founded fashion brand, Ouisa. For the longest time, she was living her best life as a minimalist and personal stylist. After finding endless inspiration from the wardrobes of fashionistas in France and New York City, she did everything in her power to launch a fashion line she could be proud of. When it comes to Taylor, she prefers opting for a "do more with less" style of thinking. 


Her mindset has obviously taken her quite far in the fashion world. One of the greatest highlights of Ouisa is the drop of a capsule wardrobe twice a year, every year. The items in the capsule wardrobes are meant to be mixed and matched at your leisure. Since you can continually create different outfits out of various combinations of clothing you purchase, wearing and re-wearing the pieces from her brand allows you to lean into your more sustainable side.

Orttu by Artem Gryshchenko and Victor Victorov

The talented cofounders of Orttu are designer Artem Gryshchenko and couture pattern cutter Victor Victorov. The heartfelt message behind the brand is that they're happy to serve fashionable men who are deeply in touch with their inner beauty, individuality, and strength. Their Our Story page explains, "Our journeys might take us to different places but we believe we can all blossom in our own way: that we can each be more, feel more, and love more. That's why we've always combined individuality with beauty, quality, imagination, and a sense of optimism."


You'll certainly feel optimistic after laying eyes on their Star Neck Shirt, Austin Diamond Jeans, and Brunello Pearls Pants. One of the gorgeous pieces they're currently selling is called a Benjamin Top. It's made with 50% sheer material and 50% striped fabric, designed to hug every curve of your body in a chic and sexy manner. Talk about couture!

Rufskin by Hubert Pouches and Douglas Coats

Rufskin is a brand that allows you to lean into your naughtier side when it comes to your fashion choices. If you're not scared to show off a little extra skin, you'll certainly find exactly what you're looking for with this brand. It was founded in 2002 by designer Hubert Pouches and President Douglas Coats. While some companies struggle to maintain a sense of classiness with edgier pieces of clothing, Rufskin seamlessly succeeds at what they've set out to do.


Their swimwear options are playful, fun, and sultry in all the right ways. You'll find calikinis, briefs, cheekies, bikinis, mini-sungas, and more. Along with swimwear, Rufskin also sells athletic wear, underwear, regular T-shirts, denim bottoms, and more essentials. Some of their popular accessories include socks, bandanas, and baseball caps. With a logo made out of the colors of the rainbow, it's easy to note their support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Charlie by Matthew Zink

Charlie by Matthew Zink is the ideal brand to look into if you appreciate a wide variety of underwear, swimmer, and fitness clothing. Zink has been the owner and lead designer of Charlie since 2010. According to his LinkedIn page, "Charlie by Matthew Zink is a men's lifestyle brand celebrating timeless style and universal sensuality." When you first visit the official website, you're faced with several gorgeous models striking poses in different underwear, shorts, and suits. 


Whether you're seeking loungewear to chill in at home or something fancier to wear out, you'll find plenty of fashionable pieces based on what you're looking for. One thing that rings true throughout the majority of the site is that Zink prefers to stick with neutral colors such as gray, white, tan, and black. Almost everything you'll find from his brand is labeled with the name "Charlie" in some capacity.

Salt Murphy by Mark Kenny

Salt Murphy is a standout fashion line because it offers gender-fluid clothing that works for just about any customer who's looking. It doesn't necessarily matter how you identify when you shop for new clothes from Salt Murphy. You'll be faced with fashionable clothing that piques your interest and exceeds your expectations, thanks to the high-quality material and gorgeous designs. The founder and creative director of Salt Murphy is Mark Kenny. 


He launched the company in Australia in 2020, as a way of embodying the truest definition of contemporary free-spiritedness. Salt Murphy is filled with pieces that will remind you of the spring and summer seasons, such as sleeveless vest-style tank tops with eye-catching patterns, and low-rise jeans made out of pale denim with distressed, cut-out strips; you'll be sure to garner some attention. Salt Murphy has plenty of jackets, tank tops, T-shirts, and matching sets to peruse as well.

Andrew Christian by Andrew Christian

​​Andrew Christian is the founder of Andrew Christian, a fashion line he named after himself. For the month of June, the official brand website is filled with positive messages and store discounts regarding Pride month. Christian is bold and outspoken with his messages, even calling to attention the fact that his identity is considered illegal in 64 countries for being gay. For the most part, he cares about listing gender-neutral clothing for shoppers to enjoy.


Andrew Christian first launched in 1997 and has grown exponentially since then. "FlashLift" Bottom-Lifting Technology is something the brand is heavily known for, thanks to its waist-slimming elastic. The notion of inclusivity is a strong one for Christian who even has a collection called "Thick – sexy is not a size." In other words, customers don't have to feel weighed down by any particular size numbers while shopping from this collection.

JJ Malibu by Jed Jin

When you think of Malibu, you might visualize California beaches with soft sand and ocean waves. Next up, you might think of Miley Cyrus's hit song dedicated to her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. What should come to mind, however, is the top-tier fashion line founded by Jed Jin. JJ Malibu is the best place to purchase clothes if you're looking for sexy tops, bottoms, harnesses, and other bedroom-friendly items from a gay-owned brand.


JJ Malibu has been around since 2016, thanks to Jin's creative outlook on life. It's geared towards shoppers from all walks of life whether you consider yourself to be a fashion icon, a gym rat, or a festival lover who enjoys a party lifestyle. You don't have to fit into any particular category based on your hobbies and interests to find exactly what you're looking for while shopping at JJ Malibu.

Coco & Breezy by Corianna and Brianna Dotson

​​What's the easiest way to avoid making eye contact with people who make you uncomfortable? Throw on a pair of shades, of course! That's exactly what twins Corianna and Brianna Dotson had in mind when they launched Coco & Breezy. The sunglasses company stemmed from their desire to block eye contact with bullies who were hating on them during their teenage years.


They relocated to New York City when they turned 19, and were off to the races from there. Now that their sunglasses company has been up and running since 2009, plenty of celebrities have rocked their items over the years. We're referring to the likes of Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, and even Beyoncé. You'll find sleek sunglasses with intricate frames that show off different colors, patterns, and designs when shopping for sunglasses from Coco & Breezy.

Pals by Hannah Lavon

You can never underestimate the importance of a good pair of socks. Socks are a must-have accessory on days when you're faced with cold weather. They're also necessary on days when it's super hot, because who wants to stick their feet into shoes without socks to act as a buffer from sweatiness? Hannah Lavon is the creator of a sock brand called Pals, focusing on helping people stay as empathetic, open-minded, and kind as possible.


Lavon reflected on how horrible it felt being bullied during her childhood years when she started designing socks for Pals. From her perspective, it's better to embrace the extraordinary rather than trying to blend into the ordinary. For these reasons, all of the socks available at Pals are designed with vibrant colors that stand out in bold ways. You can shop for individual pairs of socks at a time, or grab some bundle packs if you prefer.

Woxer by Alexandra Fuente

Trans models who are currently in the process of transitioning will find solace in the queer-owned company, Woxer. The brand is all about offering gender-inclusive underwear to people who are looking for it. Shopping for intimates isn't always the easiest for transgender folks, but Woxer is going out of its way as a brand to change that conversation. Woxer was founded by Alexandra Fuente.


The official site's About Us section states, "Woxer was founded after recognizing that many people were dissatisfied with the standards of their current underwear — at first we thought we were filling a gap in women's underwear — but we saw that we were supporting not just women, but people of all genders who were dissatisfied with their options." Their mission statement goes on to explain their desire to bring your confidence and uniqueness to the surface by helping you feel more empowered. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you'll be able to find all the underwear your heart desires.

Humankind by Haily Marzulla

Haily Marzulla is an LA native who founded a fashion line called Humankind. As a queer woman, she decided she wanted to launch a gender-inclusive swimwear company that offered cute and comfortable swimwear for just about everyone interested. It's common enough to feel insecure about the way you look in a swimsuit, but Humankind offers swimwear that's supposed to take away a few of those concerns by equipping you with loads of comfort and confidence.


Marzulla made sure to create swimsuits that would be suitable for many different body types in an effortless and supportive manner. She focused on designing swimwear with top-notch fabric that doesn't waver when met with chlorine. The swimwear also doesn't leave you feeling overly restricted or squeezed. Swimsuits that are stretchy with the ability to dry up quickly tend to be fabulous purchases, and that's what you'll find when shopping for LGBTQ+-friendly swimsuits from Humankind.

Wildfang by Emma Mcilroy

Wildfang got its start in Portland, Oregon inside a studio apartment thanks to a group of individuals ready to move past outdated gender norms. Emma Mcilroy is the founder and CEO who had a vision of what she wanted to see whenever she glanced into her closet. If you're looking for a fashion line that allows you to rethink some of the most typical and common gender norms out there, Wildfang is certainly for you.


Gender norms constantly show up in the fashion industry, whether or not we actually want to see them or subscribe to them. Wildfang is dedicated to helping consumers embrace their feminine side, masculine side, or any other side that doesn't fit into those categories. Along with selling clothing that's absolutely to die for, the brand is recognized for being incredibly charitable. In total, they've donated more than $750,000 to different organizations and causes since launching.

Jannike Sommar by Jannike Sommar

Bold fashion is the name of the game for queer fashion designer, Jannike Sommar. Sommar's pronouns are she/they and purposeful designs are their strong suit. She describes themself as being an introverted lesbian who developed their unique taste from growing up split between the great outdoors and city life. Their ambition lead them down the path of graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp back in 2016. 


Non-conforming trends, introspection, and equality are some of the driving forces of Sommar's brand. The Wavy Patchwork Blazer is designed with a blend of shiny jet black and bubblegum pink. The In Your Face Patchwork Mini Dress has a giant open mouth plastered across the front with visibly animated teeth, gums, and all. If you don't mind standing out in a crowd everywhere you go, shopping for pieces from this line will certainly help you achieve that.

Phlemuns by James Flemuns

It's been 10 years since James Flemuns founded Phlemuns. Although the name of his fashion line sounds similar to his last name, the spelling is slightly different. The Black-owned fashion label is based out of Los Angeles as a unisex brand filled with modern aesthetics and nostalgic elements. Flemuns has successfully made his mark on the fashion industry with a brand that welcomes all members of the LGBTQ+ community with open arms. 


He told Ssense, "I treat the clothes as these timeless stamps that will last. It's like I'm leaving breadcrumbs of myself that will exist forever." You'll find tops, bottoms, dresses, graphic T-shirts, matching sets, and accessories for sale on the official website. Some of the most interesting pieces include denim jeans, shirts, and skirts, decked out with different shades of blue fabric. A few other stand-out pieces include cut-out designs that give off an edgier vibe.

Dfrntpigeon by multiple designers

The LGBTQ+ youth have heavily benefited from the existence of Dfrntpigeon. The Portland-based brand empowers queer communities through the sale of graphic design T-shirts. Any graphic design T-shirt you order from the brand is designed and hand-printed by at-risk youth who receive payment for their hard work and efforts. Since at-risk youth get the chance to dip their hands into the fashion industry, their creative abilities start developing at a younger age than most people interested in pursuing this career path.


They are also paired up with professionals and mentors who know how to navigate the creative field of fashion. Some of the designers (who are listed on a first-name-only basis) include Brooke, Danny, Olivia, and Mira. A couple of their bios mention their interest in art and creativity. For the month of June, their Pride collection is one of the main focal points of their website.

FANG by Fang Guo

An impressive fashion line to keep an eye on is FANG. The gender-expansive line exists to redefine the deep-rooted connection between gender and fashion. According to FANG's mission statement, they're also deeply motivated by exploring of "the dichotomy between femininity and masculinity." Members of the LGBTQ+ community deserve to enjoy fashion in a diversified way. That's exactly what FANG is all about.


On top of producing pieces for forward-thinking shoppers, the clothing you'll find from FANG is designed to be supportive and comfortable for anyone regardless of gender identity. Fang Guo is the founder of the line who knew he wanted to make major strides in the fashion industry after struggling with self-confidence and self-love over the years. Since he wasn't able to find clothing that made him feel empowered, he decided to create a line that made sense for himself and others who can relate to him.

Stuzo Clothing by Stoney Michelli

The fashion industry is incredibly powerful in cities like Los Angeles and New York. Stuzo Clothing happens to be connected to both. The gender-free brand exists as a way to evoke emotion while welcoming customers, judgment-free, with open arms. Anyone hoping to find a safe space in the fashion world will find that while shopping for items from Stuzo Clothing. They believe that clothing shouldn't be gendered since clothing doesn't have organs


Regardless of your shape, size, or gender identity, Stuzo Clothing aims to celebrate you for who you are as an individual. Their mission statement mentions that they're "non-conforming and bold at heart." Stoney Michelli, CEO and founder, stays busy doing plenty of exciting things beyond the Stuzo Clothing line. She earned the label of a "renaissance woman" since she's also a photographer, graphic designer, and actor. By the way, this is the brand where you'll find that iconic and viral "Yup, still gay" sweater.