10 Pairs Of Glasses For Women Over 50 That Highlight Your Personal Style

Vision changes are, unfortunately, a fact of life. Even if you've had 20/20 vision for as long as you can remember, chances are you will still at least need reading glasses in your 50s. This is due to presbyopia, or farsightedness, because the lenses of the eyes become less elastic with age. Other eye conditions, like dry eyes, may also have you turning to glasses instead of contacts in your later years.


While adjusting to eyeglasses can be a big change, know that you do not need to sacrifice your personal style in order to see more clearly. Your eyewear should reflect your personality — whether you're outgoing or reserved, adventurous or cautious — and you shouldn't feel bad about wearing them. "You buy your other accessories because they make you both look and feel good," optician Sandy Seal told Zuna Eyewear. "Your glasses should do the same."

Not sure where to start? These are our favorite personality-packed glasses for mature women.

Cat-eye frames

Cat-eye glasses are popular for a reason. Just as applying eyeliner and blush in an upward direction appears to lift the face, these frames provide a subtle facelift. Cat-eye glasses are also timeless – everyone from style icons of the past, like Marilyn Monroe, to style icons of the present, like Tilda Swinton, have embraced the look.


If you want to show off your impeccable fashion sense – and have the added bonus of a more youthful appearance – look no further than Zenni Optical's Cat-Eye Glasses 7822831. Customers rate these half-rimmed frames 4.8 stars out of 5, and they come in three fun shades: Pink Quartz, Rubellite, and Zebra.

Glossy glasses

Frustratingly, with aging comes duller skin. If you rely on dewy moisturizers and foundations to add some of that shine back into your skin, don't undo all of your hard work by accessorizing with matte frames. Stick with glossy frames like Tortoise Narrow Acetate Trapezoid Eyeglasses by Echo.


Yesglasses customers rate these frames 4.7 stars out of 5, and it's easy to see why. These comfortable, lightweight frames are equal parts stylish and practical, as they can be fitted with progressive and bifocal lenses. If the tortoiseshell look isn't your style, these same frames can be purchased in two other shiny shades: clear and black.

Warm-toned square frames

As we age, warmer tones tend to look best against our skin. Shades like caramel, butterscotch, and toffee gently add a youthful glow, allowing for a reflective, sun-kissed appearance. This is why you look so great in warm-hued eyeshadows and bronzers — and why you'll look so great in warm frames. Now, that doesn't mean you need to play it safe with your eyeglasses. 


Persol PO3292V frames in the color Terra Di Siena (an Italian term meaning "Siena earth") are anything but reserved and are perfect for showcasing your unique style. These Italian-made square acetate frames ooze luxury, and the scratch-resistant lenses contain a blue light filter.

Bold readers

Oprah Winfrey is known for her flashy glasses, and in 2022 she clued us into her favorite brand of readers. Take A Bow Peepers by PeeperSpecs made it on the celebrity's annual list of favorite things. "I often pick my glasses to match my outfit, and these specs are terrific," Oprah revealed. "Used as readers or to filter the blue light from your devices, the oversize frame with tortoise on top and color on the bottom will flatter most faces." The best part? They're entirely affordable at $29.


These readers come in four shades: Teal Botanico/Teal, Chai Tortoise/Green, Black Marble/Black, and Leopard Tortoise/Red.

Colorful frames

If you have a colorful personality, why not let it shine? Even if you were more reserved some years ago, you may find yourself becoming bolder with time – in fact, a 2019 study found that women between the ages of 50 and 65 are more confident compared to women in their 20s. There's no reason to hide that boost in self-esteem behind a veil of underwhelming frames. 


These Street-Artist frames in the aptly named shade Colorful are bright, fun, and extremely well-reviewed by Zeelool customers. If you're not quite ready to commit to this much color in your everyday eyewear, consider getting these frames with color-tinted lenses and sporting them as sunglasses.

Clear round glasses

If you are new to wearing eyeglasses and aren't ready for something too bold, or if you have a more minimalist or monochromatic style, consider clear frames. The OX8149 Pitchman R Carbon frames by Oakley are perfectly suited for those who don't want their spectacles to do all the talking. And since they're colorless, they quite literally go with everything.


While clear round frames will look great on just about anyone of any age, they look especially fashionable on mature women. Need proof? Actor An­nette Ben­ing looked absolutely stunning while sporting a very similar pair in the film "Life It­self."

Ombré glasses

You've likely heard of ombré hair, but what about ombré glasses? Ombré describes the blending or shading from one color to either a darker or lighter shade. When it comes to eyewear, opt for an ombré that graduates from dark at the top of the frames to light or even translucent at the bottom. Puffy and dark under eyes are a totally normal part of aging, but chances are you don't want to draw attention to yours. We love dark-to-light ombré frames because they pull the focus to your eyes instead of underneath them.


Eleanor Round Brown Eyeglasses from GlassesShop transition from a rich chocolate shade and end in a light camel color. These warm, flattering frames are inexpensive, well-reviewed, and can be fitted with progressive and bifocal lenses.

Classic black frames

If you think your days of wearing chunky black frames are behind you, think again. Older women can certainly pull off dark eyeglasses – Iris Apfel is proof of that. Of course, you don't have to opt for oversized, round frames. Smaller, rectangular black frames are a more understated style that will draw attention to your eyes, working to outline your peepers much like your trusty kohl eyeliner. Just be sure to avoid matte frames, as they won't add much visual interest and can dull your complexion.


Ottoto Ellsworth Shiny Black frames are a solid choice and, despite their smaller size, are still great candidates for bifocal and progressive lenses. 

Ornate eyeglasses

If eyes are the window to the soul, eyeglasses must be the window treatments. And if ornate drapery is your thing, well, ornamented frames may be a good fit for you, too. Glasses need not be big and bright to be showstoppers, as Milani Round Gold Glasses demonstrate.


These inexpensive frames can be fitted with bifocal, progressive, distance, and reading lenses. If they are a little too outside of your comfort zone for constant wear, consider making these your daily readers. We have a sense you'll feel positively sophisticated when curled up with a good book and sporting these baroque frames.

Browline glasses

Browline frames are a crowd-pleaser – and for good reason. "[They] are both smart and stylish, and they say that you mean business!" Larisa Ginzburg, fashion designer at Vint & York eyewear, told Reader's Digest. "They are a classic power accessory for your professional life." Browline frames are also a great fit for mature women, as they create a lifting effect similar to cat-eye glasses. Some styles, like Gala Browline acetate-metal frames, will also draw attention to the eye instead of the undereye area, as the darker, heavier color is at the top while the lighter color hits the cheek.


Gala frames come in three unique colors: Aqua & Gold, Purple & Gold, and Raspberry & Gold. We recommend the raspberry shade as it is the warmest of the three.