Quiz: You’ll Only Ace This Test If You Celebrate Passover

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How well do you know Passover?

Quiz on Passover, a major Jewish holiday that commemorates being freed from Egyptian slavery lasting seven or eight days from the 15th day of Nisan.

 Apr 11, 2017
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The Hebrew name for Passover is:
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How long does Passover last?
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The Maror symbolizes:
The importance of friendship
The bitterness of slavery
The heat of the desert sun
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How many cups of wine are to be drunk during the Seder Meal?
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What role did the children have in opening the Seder?
Setting up the table
Asking questions
Serving the wine
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Which step of the Seder includes retelling the story of the Exodus?
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The song "Had Gadya" is about __________.
A goat
10 Commandments
Two Tablets
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What figure is mentioned in the story of Passover?
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What number appears most frequently in Haggadah?
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The last day of Passover is called:
Acharon shel Pesach
Pacha El
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