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Are you a true Protestant?

Questions about the teachings, beliefs, and distinctions about Protestantism religion that only a true Protestant can understand

 Aug 23, 2017
1 of 15Pick your answer!
Protestantism is a form of _____________ faith.
2 of 15True or False
Celibacy and nuns applies to Protestants only.
3 of 15Pick your answer!
In Communion, the bread and wine
are only symbolic of Jesus' body and blood.
represent our suffering.
become the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ.
4 of 15Pick an answer!
Protestants were a group of churches that broke off from the _____________.
Christian Church
Roman Catholic Church
Angelican Church
5 of 15Pick an answer!
Who has the authority to interpret the bible?
Everybody who is Protestant
The church officials only
6 of 15True or False
Protestants accept the Pope's authority.
7 of 15True or False
When protestants eat the Eucharist they believe that ________.
It represents Jesus' body and blood
It is Jesus' body and blood
Neither of these it is just tradition
8 of 15Pick an answer!
Salvation is attained through __________.
all of the scaraments
faith alone
one of the sacraments
9 of 15Pick an answer!
__________ is the moment God declares that a guilty person is righteous because Jesus sacrificed his life to save us from our sins.
10 of 15Pick an answer!
Protestant children are expected to...
get catechism
sing hymns
memorize the bible
11 of 15Pick an answer!
What two sacraments do Protestants have?
holy orders and extreme unction
baptism and the Eucharist
baptism and penance
12 of 15Pick an answer.
What is the ultimate authority in the Protestant religion?
The bible
The Pope
The Priest
13 of 15Pick an answer!
The existence of purgatory is:
14 of 15True or False
Saints in the Protestant religion are special individuals that must be declared by the church.
15 of 15Pick an answer!
Which of the following is an accurate belief?
Scripture is more important than tradition.
Tradition is more important than scripture.
Scripture and tradition are equal in importance.
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