Quiz: Prove You're A True Bostonian, Ace This Slang Test in 90 Seconds

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Do you speak like a true Bostonian?

Only a true Boston local can define these slang words, from bubbler to wicked to bang! You ought to throw a Bostonian rippah if you ace this one!

 Jul 30, 2017
1 of 15Pick the correct answer!
To a Bostonian, the word wicked means...
2 of 15Pick the correct answer!
How might one define the word, "pissa," for a non-Boston local?
3 of 15Pick the correct answer!
To a true Bostonian, another word for a water fountain is...
A watery
A bubbler
A pissa
4 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What does it mean if a Bostonian says, "Bang a U-ey?"
Clap your hands
Turn around
Forget it
5 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If you're throwing a huge party in Boston, one might call it a...
A rippah
6 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Every Bostonian's favorite stop for coffee and a morning snack is Dunkin' Donuts, also known as...
The hopper
7 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Even something as simple as a trash can is renamed in Boston. What classic slang term might a non-local be confused by when you're referring to the bin?
8 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Boston slang even includes a new word for Boston itself! Which of the following is another word for the lovely city of Boston?
The Hub
The windy city
The big apple
9 of 15What does this mean?
To Bostonians, Harvard students are known as...
10 of 15Pick the correct answer!
In Boston, why do you need to watch out for "d-techs"?
They're computer nerds
They're fraudulent cell phone companies
They're undercover police cars
11 of 15Pick the correct answer!
This river is known simply as, "The River," to Boston locals.
Suwanee River
St. Charles River
Nile River
12 of 15Pick the correct answer!
To everyone else, it's called a round-about, but to a Bostonian it's called a...
13 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If you "got bagged" for not paying off your parking ticket in time, what happened?
You received a fine
You felt guilty
You got arrested
14 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If someone calls you a, "chucklehead," what does that mean?
You laugh too much
You're hilarious
You're an idiot
15 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Instead of using the word, "remote," a Bostonian might tell you to pass the...
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