Quiz: Only 1/50 Cincinnati Locals Can Ace This City Challenge. Can You?


Are you a true Cincinnati local?

Quiz with questions that only Cincinnati locals can answer like what is the football team's name and what does NKY stand for?

 Jan 12, 2018
1 of 12Pick your answer!
What does NKY stand for?
New Kentucky
North Kentucky
Northern Kentucky
2 of 12Pick your answer!
The Cincinnati breakfast staple is....
Breakfast Wrap
Scrambled Eggs
3 of 12Pick your answer!
What are Buckeyes?
A dessert
Type of shoe
A garden tool
4 of 12Pick your answer!
What is the name of the Cincinnati's baseball team?
Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Red Stockings
5 of 12Pick your answer!
Cincinnati throws the largest _________ celebration in the U.S.
Mardi Gras
New Years Eve
6 of 12Pick your answer
What other word is used in place of "excuse me" or "what"?
No thanks.
7 of 12Pick your answer!
Downtown Cincinnati is focused around:
Great American Ball Park
Carew Tower
Fountain Square
8 of 12Pick your answer!
Cinnamon is an essential ingredient in....
9 of 12Pick your answer!
What is the name of the Cincinnati football team?
Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bearcats
Cincinnati Crimsons
10 of 12Pick your answer!
Which of these are not in Cincinnati?
Cincinnati History Museum
Hall of Science
Duke Energy Children's Museum
11 of 12Pick your answer!
What makes Cincinnati chili unique?
Contains extra cinnamon and cacao
Made of elk meat
Contains spaghetti
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How do you pronounce "Reading Road"?
Raiding Road
Redding Road
Reeding Road
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