Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Law Test, You Were For Sure In The Force

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May the force be within you!!!!

Questions about law enforcement that only someone on the force would be able to answer such as what is jaywalking and what actions are illegal.

 Aug 10, 2017
1 of 15Pick an answer!
What are your Miranda rights?
Your right to not have a lawyer
Your right to remain silent
Your right to avoid jail
2 of 15Pick an answer!
States have different laws on ____ and driving.
3 of 15Pick an answer!
Who issues an arrest warrant?
Chief police officer
The arresting officer
A judge
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True or False: A police officer requires your permission to pat you down?
5 of 15Pick an answer!
It's illegal to _____ a signature.
Cross out
6 of 15Pick an answer!
Jaywalking is ____ illegal.
7 of 15Pick an answer!
Disorderly conduct is a ____.
Class C felony
Class D felony
8 of 15Pick an answer!
Which of the following is not a test an officer would give for someone they expected for DUI?
A cartwheel
Breathalyzer test
Walk in a straight line
9 of 15Pick an answer!
True or False: Citizens are allowed to have photo or video documentation of an arrest.
10 of 15Pick an answer!
What is not a reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle?
Color of your car
11 of 15Pick an answer!
What is a "Code Seven?"
Request for the chief officer
Request for lunch break
Request to dispatch a "stake-out"
12 of 15Pick an answer!
A BAC of _______ while driving is considered illegal:
13 of 15Pick an answer!
If a police officer does not read you your Miranda rights, then...
You are not allowed to be arrested
You can sue the police oficer
Whatever evidence is obtained is inadmissable in court
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True or false: Everyone has a right to a lawyer.
15 of 15Pick an answer!
What is habeas corpus?
The right to a fair and impartial trial
A subpoena
Requiring a person under arrest to appear in court
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