Quiz: We Bet You Can't Get 14/16 On This Basic Grammar Test


See how much of a scholar you are!

Most common grammatical mistakes that everyone like wrong word usage, using the wrong punctuation, and misplacing apostrophes.

 Mar 03, 2017
1 of 16Pick an answer!
Ken and _________ were not sure if we wanted to go to Thailand or Korea.
2 of 16Pick an answer!
Which sentence is incorrect?
It was too hard to watch him go.
My friend drove me to my doctor's appointment.
I am vegan to!
3 of 16Pick an answer!
Neither he _________ she were okay with camping outside for the night.
4 of 16Pick an answer!
Select the correct sentence.
I cannot believe it's finally Friday!
I cannot believe its finally Friday!
I cannot believe its' finally Friday!
5 of 16Pick an answer!
What is the subject of this sentence: She helped her mother with the groceries.
6 of 16Pick an answer!
Select the correct sentence.
Is that your car being towed?
How was you're day?
Your really great at teaching students.
7 of 16Pick an answer!
________ that guy in the red shirt?
8 of 16Pick an answer!
Which sentence is incorrect?
Let's take a quick sneak peek inside, shall we?
Can you see the bird sitting on top of that mountain peak?
That article really peaked my interest.
9 of 16Pick an answer!
She ______________ his offer to drive her home.
10 of 16Pick an answer!
_________ going to love the surprise!
11 of 16Pick an answer!
Select the correct sentence.
Jane complemented on her mother's haircut.
President obama recently left the office.
We can only go on this line if we have 10 items or fewer.
12 of 16Pick an answer!
I ___________ been more careful with my driving
should of
should have
13 of 16Pick an answer!
Some people eat with chopsticks___ others eat with forks and knives
14 of 16Pick an answer!
Which sentence is correct?
Don't forget to wear lose clothing when you exercise!
I lost my child at Walmart once.
Make sure you do not lose your keys.
15 of 16Pick an answer!
Jacob _________ down on the bed after the long and tiring day he had at work today.
16 of 16Pick an answer!
Select the correct sentence.
I will accept your job offer!
The movie effected him in ways no one could understand.
It was a breathe of fresh air.
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